VigFX Review

VigFX Review

Guys know there’s no overstating the importance of sex. It forms a central part of the male mindset; its pursuit and enjoyment is, on a very basic, primitive level, essential to what it is to be a man. This goes way beyond wanting to do something that’s fun.

We’re talking about the primal need to engage in an act that nature itself has spent countless eons programming us to seek out, and without which we’re simply not okay in some of the most basic emotional ways conceivable. For men, sex is serious business.

So it’s hardly a surprise that anything affecting a man’s ability to perform sexually, for better or worse, can have a huge psychological impact on him. And that’s what makes it such a problem that this, of all things, is one of the many natural functions that declines with age.

We’re not just talking about the elderly here, either. Most guys in their 20s already can’t perform quite the way they did as teenagers, and it’s only downhill from there. Age brings a gradual but inexorable reduction in testosterone, and with less and less of that all-important male hormone, sex just isn’t what it used to be. Men know the score.

Over time, their libido declines; their sexual stamina is less than it once was; eventually, even the capacity to get and maintain an erection can begin to suffer. Older men have it worst of all, naturally, but it’s not at all uncommon for a guy fresh out of college to already be missing what he had just a few years ago – and looking for ways to get it back.

In the modern day, of course, there are pharmaceutical options. Long’s the time you’ve been living under that rock if you haven’t heard of the infamous Viagra, and similar drugs like Levitra and Cialis. We have even more erectile dysfunction pills now than we did when those three first came out.

But these can only legally (and safely) be acquired with a prescription, and there’s a reason for that. They’re harsh chemical solutions that force your body to react to sexual stimuli, and like all medications, they come with side effects.

Viagra, for example, has already been implicated in reducing male fertility (while its potential dangers if it should somehow end up in the body of a pregnant woman have long been known), and more recently, evidence has surfaced of its link to skin cancer. And we’re talking about drugs that are still relatively young; imagine what else they might be doing inside of us that we just don’t know about yet!


All-Natural Male Enhancement Pills

Fortunately, there are other alternatives, and that’s why we have this VigFX review. VigFX pills use a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to gently achieve some pretty dramatic results without incidentally harming your body. The product is unique in that it features an enteric coating.

This shield is designed to protect the soft gelcaps from being dissolved by stomach acid, allowing them to pass into the small intestine where they can be more readily absorbed. With other male enhancement pills, you’re lucky if actual bioavailability reaches 15% of the ingredients; an enteric coating means that with VigFX, that number is closer to 90%.

Whatever VigFX is doing seems to be working, as there is science behind it. An 84-day clinical trial was conducted in which male test subjects were given VigFX pills, then scored on the International Index of Erectile Function (a globally recognized standard, used in the treatment of full-on erectile dysfunction).

The results showed that participants’ ability to maintain an erection and penetrate their partner was increased by around 60%, frequency and quality of orgasms went up by over 20%, and sex drive and desire jumped by nearly 50%. Finally, overall sexual satisfaction was strengthened by an impressive 61%.

Male enhancement pills

The manufacturers of VigFX suggest allowing up to three months for full results to come in, which isn’t atypical for male enhancement pills of this kind. You should see benefits as early as 4 weeks after starting – primarily larger, fuller erections caused by the VigFX formula increasing total capacity of the penile chambers that hold blood during arousal.

In the second month, expect greater stamina and a hotter libido. Again, the supplement’s effects are supposed to fully arrive after month three; the website uses the word “beast” to describe what happens here.

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You’ll be interested to know that in case you aren’t satisfied with the VigFX pills, there’s a two-month money-back guarantee. According to the manufacturers, you should definitely see some results by the time you’ve been using the supplement for 60 days; if you don’t, you have that long plus a week (67 days total) to ship back any unused portion of your order. You are then promised a full refund, minus shipping and handling charges.


Is VigFX Right For You?

Sexual potency is important to every man. We aren’t just talking about something that’s fun to do; to be frank, men need sex, and they need to be able to do it well. If they aren’t able to satisfy their partner, and they aren’t themselves satisfied with their own performance, the results can be devastating to their self-esteem – to say nothing of the potential consequences to any relationship they may be in.

Here, more than perhaps in any other arena of life, you need to fight back when time and age conspire to steal the prowess you enjoyed in your youth. Fortunately, we have more options today than ever before. It doesn’t matter who you are: a guy in his 20s who just wants to get his “edge” back, or a silver-haired gentleman who’s long wondered whether its time to resort to Viagra.

You don’t have to quietly fade away until you can no longer use your own body’s equipment. There are natural male enhancement pills that can help you, and this VigFX review has told you about a solid contender. But it’s up to you to take action.

Whatever specific circumstance drove you to read this, let it impel you to do what needs to be done to preserve your masculinity, and your sense of yourself.





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