Is BlueChew legit?

Is BlueChew Legit? Examining The Chewable Boner Drug

If you were to ask, a lot of guys would probably say that erectile dysfunction (ED) is the worst possible thing they can imagine happening to them. Well, assuming they aren’t creative enough to picture themselves in some truly sadistic Jigsaw horror movie situations, but even those would probably have to involve their hoo-haw. So […]

How to get harder erections during sex.

How To Get Harder Erections

At first, it can seem a bit scary just how preoccupied men are with getting a harder erection. The existence of foods like “tiger penis soup”, celebrated in myth as a powerful booster to male virility, shows us how even other creatures aren’t always safe when humans are on about their boners. But while emasculating […]

How to keep an erection longer - no pills needed

How To Keep an Erection Longer Without Pills

If you’re wondering about how to keep an erection, you’re not alone. Statistically, it’s something that most men have on their minds after (and sometimes even during) their college years. Let’s be clear: This isn’t just about full-on erectile dysfunction, or ED, in which guys struggle to get a stiffy or they lose it during […]

Foods that help you stay erect - Keep your erection!

Foods That Help You Stay Erect

Let’s face it: Erection problems can happen to any guy. And they happen often enough that products like Vigfx have been created specifically to address this very serious issue. No wonder, because starting in our teen years (when worrying about staying erect simply isn’t a thing), it’s only downhill from a biological point of view. […]

BlueChew Review - Chewable Sildenafil and Tadalafil

BlueChew Review – Does It Really Work?

Men need to be able to get hard. This one isn’t really negotiable. Philosophers have argued for a long time about how the perception of, and desire for, sex compares between the genders — but for men, the act is definitely more than just about fun. So when it turns out that erection quality doesn’t […]