Profollica Review

Profollica Review

Hair loss can be a devastating affliction for men, the severity of which is often not appreciated until it actually comes to pass. Sufferers may struggle with diminished confidence in their own physical attractiveness, the confrontation of a powerful psychological threshold to old age, and that cruel, depressing sense of feeling like “less of a man”. Many people grow into adulthood viewing the condition as a far-off, terrible possibility that might happen to them when they get to be their father’s age; if they eat healthy, exercise, and take care of themselves now, maybe they won’t have to stare this awful beast in the face.

That’s why it’s surprising and disheartening for most to learn that this problem isn’t merely common among men, it’s practically pandemic: a truly horrifying 85% of the male population will experience hair loss at some point in their lives. And lest we fall into the trap of seeing the issue as an “old man’s disease”, it’s sobering to remember that two-thirds of men run into it by the hardly-geriatric age of 35. Even the young and spry aren’t safe, with 25% seeing their hair start to thin before their 21st birthday. Now, if you’re still not convinced, let’s really put the myth to bed: it’s far from common, but somewhere around 3% of pediatrician visits concern pre-pubescent children losing their hair for various reasons.

There are a number of reasons for which hair loss can ultimately occur, but by far the most common and direct culprit in the vast majority of cases is dihydrotestosterone. Typically abbreviated as DHT, this substance is an especially potent androgen, or male sex hormone. On the whole, it isn’t bad stuff. Along with other androgens, DHT is responsible for building and maintaining the physical characteristics which differentiate male bodies from female ones, including a deeper voice, increased muscle mass, and ironically, the greater volume and density of body hair that men tend to have compared to women. All of which is to say, male bodies need DHT.

Unfortunately, the hormone has a definite dark side. DHT has been implicated in benign prostatic hyperplasia and even prostate cancer, and most relevant to our current discussion, it’s to blame for most hair loss. For reasons we do not yet fully understand, hair follicles on the head (as opposed to hair follicles just about anywhere else on the body) are particularly susceptible to binding with DHT. When this happens, the follicle is induced to miniaturize. Over time, this causes it to have a shorter growth phase (called anagen) and a longer “dormant” phase (telogen). Eventually, follicles so affected are reduced to fine fuzz, or simply fall out of the scalp entirely.


Can Profollica Help?

There are a number of hair loss products on the market to combat this problem, but today, you’re reading a Profollica review. Profollica is a hair loss treatment for men that actually consists of two distinct products, sold together: a daily supplement in pill form, and a gel applied directly to the hair. Together, these natural hair growth products make lofty promises, which they each hope to accomplish in different ways.

The Profollica pill is taken daily. Its ingredients are truly legion, with the product’s website listing 28 separate components, but some of the standouts include niacin, folic acid, and L-arginine. The pill is formulated to run interference against 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme present in the male body which binds with ordinary testosterone and converts it into DHT (dihydro-testosterone). By blocking the enzyme, DHT production is slowed, and the hormone stopped from reaching or maintaining excessive levels.

The pill also aims to help against hair loss in less direct ways, such as by improving blood flow to the scalp, inducing hair to grow faster, and strengthening the individual follicles themselves. It even works against the greying of hair that comes with age, and reduces scalp oiliness. Benefits may present in as little as a month, though the website cautions that customers should allow a full 60 days before deciding whether the pill is working for them. Likely for this reason, Profollica’s money-back guarantee features an otherwise-odd 67-day time limit.

Profollica hair growth product

The second of Profollica’s natural hair growth products is called the “Activator Gel”, which is applied by massaging through damp hair into the scalp. It weighs in at an impressive 21 ingredients (listed on the product website), including zinc gluconate, biotin, and propylene glycol, but Profollica is most proud and enthusiastic about the gel’s utilization of Trichogen. This is a relatively new compound in hair loss treatment for men, to the point where Trichogen reviews are scarce online, but it is a formulation of natural agents used to block DHT and even provide conditioning (smoothness) for your hair. Like the pill, it also tackles 5-alpha-reductase, hitting DHT at its source. Clinical trials have shown the gel to be 90% effective in reducing overall hair loss.

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There is an extremely wide variety of hair loss products available on the market, and this is not necessarily a good thing. That’s because many, perhaps even most of these offerings are random assortments of junk backed by highly questionable “science”, if by anything at all. At best, taking these sham products would be ineffective; at worst, it could even be harmful. That’s why it’s important to make sure that a medical professional has given his or her blessing to a particular hair loss solution, before you use it. In this case, Profollica enjoys the support of Dr. Dave David, M.D., a cosmetic surgeon and board-certified obstetrician. Dr. David “wholeheartedly” recommends Profollica, praising its DHT-busting blend, and opines: “Any man looking to defeat hair loss could benefit from trying Profollica’s powerful hair regrowth system.”

As has been discussed in this Profollica review, hair loss is a problem that usually doesn’t seem all that serious – until it happens to you. That’s when you come face to face with the emotional and psychological effects of this condition: the loss of confidence and self-image, the shame, and the depressing, resigned feeling that “old age has come for you” and the fun part of your life is ending or over. And when hair starts thinning in the young (which, as we’ve seen, happens all too often), sufferers may even begin to feel unwell, thinking a scourge of the elderly has already found them. The consequences of ignoring or surrendering to the ailment are not to be underestimated.

Whatever you do, it is important that you do something. Don’t give in to hair loss just because it also happened to your father, or because you think it’s inevitable. It isn’t, and your father lived in a different age than you do. Protect yourself by using doctor-recommended hair loss products like Profollica, fight dauntlessly for your image of yourself, and do not go gentle into that good, hairless night!





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