Proextender Review

Pro Extender Review

Penis size is huge. No, really. Guys talk about it, study it, and – above all – they worry about it. The anxiety which some men experience over their Oh Long Johnsons can reach levels typically reserved only for life-threatening medical conditions. They wonder: “Is my penis big enough?” “How big is it compared to other guys?” “Will my sex partners be satisfied with it, or will they secretly or even openly be laughing at me?” It sounds funny, but it’s a serious problem.

Nearly half of all men – 45% – believe they have a small penis. This fear has even been intensifying in recent decades, with some researchers quite earnestly theorizing that the ready availability of Internet pornography has left average Joes self-consciously comparing their size to men specifically recruited for their unusually generous endowments. Naturally for something that is so important to them, guys have spent decades and not-inconsiderable amounts of money researching just how big a penis should be, the better to determine whether they measure up. These efforts have traditionally be frustrated, however, as any male scientist asked this question will, after exhaustive laboratory analysis, invariably report: “The average penis size is about two inches shorter than mine.”

Average penis size

Ok, that last part was a joke. But studies of average penis size are quite real. They’ve been going on for awhile, have been robust and comprehensive, and are remarkably consistent in their findings. So, here you go: according to science, the average flaccid penis length is about 7 to 10 centimeters (which translates to between 3 and 4 inches), while average erect length is from 12 to 16 centimeters – that is, around 5 to 6 inches. That should be good news for you, since statistically, you (assuming you have a penis – and if you don’t, then none of this is personal for you in the first place) are more likely to be average or above average; there’s a lesser probability that you’re below the norm. Either way, though, here’s the bad news: these same kinds of studies were done to query women on their preferred penis sizes, which is one of the primary reasons men stress over their dicks anyway. The ladies’ average favorite erection length? Just OVER 15.24 centimeters (6 inches).

Ouch. So close.


Penis Enlargement Options

What can be done? Surely there must be some options for guys who want a more pronounced pecker. Well there are, of course, but you might not like some of them. I’m referring here to the practice of “jelqing” for do-it-yourself penis enlargement. Jelqing – and I swear this is a thing – is a home exercise routine that involves squeezing your semi-erect penis near the base and pulling it outward, several times, for several minutes a day. The idea is to repeat this long and often enough to force the penis to stretch, thus adding length.

Unfortunately, the regimen is difficult and demanding; most guys simply won’t be able to stick to it long-term, and if you stop jelqing (as in, ever), you will lose any gains you’ve made. It can also be downright dangerous if done incorrectly. Seasoned jelqers warn that you should stop the exercise immediately if you experience pain, or if red or purple spots begin appearing on your penis. Not the most attractive option.

As for expensive, invasive penis enlargement surgeries, we won’t even get into that here. Just ow.

Luckily, there are relatively benign plays available, and that’s why we have dick extender reviews in general, and ProExtender reviews like this one in particular. ProExtender is a natural penis enlargement device that uses established scientific principles to increase your size. This isn’t a medication or nutritional supplement; it’s a simple machine that utilizes manual mechanical action.

The ProExtender device fits around the base of your penis, and runs along its length (it’s adjustable to accommodate your precise dimensions). Once it’s attached, you’ll use extenders on its side to gently apply longitudinal force – or “traction” to your shaft. This induces the phenomenon of “cytokinesis”, when cells (penile cells, in this case) divide and multiply, thus adding tissue. Over time, this process increases not only your penis length, but its girth as well. Best of all, the manufacturers represent that the growth you’ll experience is permanent; even if you stop using ProExtender in the future, your newfound proportions won’t fade away.

ProExtender does more than just make you bigger, too. The projected treatment reaction given on the product’s website calls for increased sexual performance, in the form of longer-lasting erections, greater stamina, and more voluminous ejaculations (which leads to stronger orgasms). It can even be useful against Peyronie’s Disease, a condition in which the penis curves unnaturally to one side. ProExtender helps straighten things out.

The product is sold in two forms: the original ProExtender device, and the ProExtender Deluxe. Compared with the standard model, the Deluxe comes with additional elongation bars, a silicon tube strap, and a metal carrying box. It can also handle a slightly larger (starting) penis size, and is capable of applying greater traction for “even more visible results”.

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The precise regimen you’ll follow is customized to you. There’s a diagnostic period during the first four weeks when you’ll set the treatment schedule that works best and is most convenient for you. You’ll probably experience some results during this time, as well, with some increase in length and especially heightened sexual performance. Ultimately, though, the benefits of ProExtender rely on gradual cell multiplication, and that takes time. Full effects should start coming in at around 90 days, but to see everything that the ProExtender can do, it’s recommended that you wait six months. Stick with it.


ProExtender Is a Guaranteed Penis Enlargement Product

You’ll be happy to know, at least, that for that time commitment, the manufacturer guarantees your satisfaction. If you aren’t happy with the results, you can return your ProExtender at any time within that half-year. You’ve actually got 187 days, to be exact, which is six months plus a week, so you can still send it back after giving it plenty of time to work. If you do, you’ll receive a full refund minus shipping and handling, so the risk is minimal.

It may sound funny to some people, but for guys, there’s no giggle factor here: Penis size is extremely important. It affects – and for some, practically defines – their view of themselves as men, which can have a profound impact on self-esteem and thus on quality of life. Those who aren’t satisfied with their endowment (and remember, that’s nearly half of them) face a serious life challenge that they had no hand in creating. And as for everyone else, even guys who don’t necessarily feel they’re too small want to be better in bed, and impressive to their partners.

You didn’t cause this problem, but it’s yours to solve. If you let concerns about your size – be they nagging or critical – sit unattended, there they will remain, haunting you for the rest of your life. The only way to be rid of them is to take action. So by all means, read all the ProExtender reviews and other dick extender reviews on the Internet, but when you’ve armed yourself with information and are ready to make a move, do it. Try one of these products, and find the one that works best for you.

Pro Extender


Pro Extender


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