Picking Up Girls at The Club

Ah, the club. Socialization central. Along with the singles bar, pretty much ground zero in the non-digital world for people looking to meet and hook up. At once the domain of desperately lonely guys and seasoned players seeking their next in an endless line of conquests.

Men come here to hunt, and women come here to, in the best possible way that gives their egos a freaking blowjob, be hunted. It’s the modern jungle of flirtation and sex, and like any jungle, it can be treacherous and unforgiving if you don’t know how to navigate it.

Things I reveal in this post:
– How to pickup chicks in night clubs.
– How to boost your results with pheromones.

Everything that’s going on is ultimately part of an elaborate, 21st century mating ritual. The modern context means that it all may be a bit less direct and usually more subtle than what you’d typically find in nature, but it isn’t exhaustively complicated — and it will hardly shock you to hear that it’s basically a primitive affair that engages some of the most primal sections of our brains.

In our species, it happens to be the male who pursues the female (meaning that, within a sometimes dizzying framework of cultural restrictions, the female chooses her mate).

So, in pretty much any mating ritual in history, the matter becomes intricately connected with how the female perceives the male. In the end, every man in the club wants at least one woman to look at him, and find him desirable.

Alright, so before we go any further, let’s address the elephant in the living room, lest anyone think I’m withholding facts to spare feelings: being physically attractive is a huge bonus, and ipso facto, guys who happen to be physically attractive will have a sizable advantage over guys who happen not to be.

There, I said it. Everyone already knows what it means, so let’s talk about what it doesn’t mean. It DOES NOT mean that if you’re pale, lanky, or straight-up fat, you can’t pick up girls. If you think it does, then you’re a wimp, and you’re embracing victimhood as a means of avoiding having to do actual work.

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I did say this isn’t all that complicated, but with that in mind, there are so many factors about you that come into play when a woman first lays eyes on you (each of which is simple, even if there are a lot) that fixating on any one of them is silly.

First of all, your appearance encompasses way more than just your body type, and includes how you dress, your grooming, and even just how you carry yourself. But it’s not all about how you look. Your smell is important, too, but more on that later (yep, we’re going to be dealing with pheromones).


Using Evolution (Sorta) in The Club

Right now, I want to go over what women are actually looking for in a man. It’s all pretty basic, and hardwired into them by evolution, so while individuals may certainly vary on the details, the general parameters are more or less set. When a woman sees an interested man (and if you approach her in a club, you qualify as interested), she immediately and subconsciously starts sizing him up for “dominance”.

Now, don’t be misled by that term; it doesn’t mean being a bully, and in modern society, it doesn’t mean physically overpowering others. But women do want to feel like a man is assertive, knows how to take charge, and is able to care for himself and others.

Best place to pickup women - Night Clubs

Evolution is clever, in that women will actually search for evidence of these traits, without ever realizing what it is they’re really doing. If you’re sharply dressed and well-groomed, it indicates that you have resources (how else can you afford those nice clothes and the time and effort it takes to keep your body in an artificial condition of cleanliness?).

If you’ve got friends, you’ve obviously managed to convince others to spend their time with you, and must therefore be contributing something towards nourishing that group (huge bonus points here if your friends are seen as subordinate to you, hanging out with you socially but generally following your lead and accepting direction from you; this is why “wingmen” can be so helpful).

Simple cues can exploit evolutionary programming. USE THEM!

And, one of the most important characteristics of all, “pre-selection” by females: if a woman sees other women with you, she almost can’t help but be piqued. Those girls have chosen to be around you, presumably for a reason, so what is she missing out on? All of this gives you the image of what’s known as an “alpha male”: a leader in his pack, admired and obeyed by other men — and desired by women.

Knowing how evolution has programmed the female mind to think when scanning a potential mate makes it way easier to pickup girls successfully, especially at clubs.


How To Approach A Girl Correctly

Of course, when you see a woman you want, you do have to put in some work on the ground, and actually talk to her. This part terrifies a lot of guys, paralyzing them with a fear of rejection that can make them so awkward and hesitant, they end up bringing about the very outcome that scares them so much.

Listen well, brothers: You can be a multi-billionaire with a perfect body, impeccable duds, and a visible army of followers of both sexes, and you’ll still turn women off like a light switch if you come off as a spineless nerd.

Approaching a girl at a club.

You want (need, really) to appear collected, sure of yourself, and above all, CONFIDENT. Make her feel that you could have any girl in this entire night club, and of them all, you’ve chosen her. That if she says no, you’ll pity her for her foolishness for exactly one moment before moving on to the next girl, who almost certainly would be receptive.

Confidence is the lockpick to any girl’s panties. If you don’t have it, fake it. Usually works just as well.

Getting the right attitude down can be hard, especially when you’re nervous. This is where a few shots of liquid courage (and the social freedom of a club, where you can drink without looking like a loser wino) can really help. Don’t, ever, get so piss drunk as to reduce yourself to a blithering idiot who won’t shut up about how awesome his dog Chimichanga was when he was a kid — but DO get a nice, room-spinning buzz going.

It makes talking to people (of either sex) more fun, it drives your social inhibitions into the ground where most of them belong, and best of all, it causes you not to give a flying spicy meatball whether others “reject” you. It also makes pretending that you’re a super-confident player much easier. The best places to pickup women are always the spots where booze flows freely.


Pheromones Change The Game at The Club

This sitting-down-and-talking-to-her phase is also the part where something else can be of great service, and that’s pheromones. Remember when I said that how you smell is just as important as how you look? This is why.

Except, pheromones aren’t really a “smell”; while they are processed by the olfactory sense, it’s done almost entirely on a subconscious level. That’s really, really good, because it means the woman you’re talking to won’t even be aware of why she’s reacting to you the way that she is.

Use pheromones to help pickup chicks.

What reaction is that? Trust, interest, and maybe even a little arousal. That’s because the right pheromones can signal, on a consciously undetectable level, all of the things I was just telling you that your appearance should be giving off: dominance, authority, and confidence, among other things (like good genes, which always helps).

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Basically, it causes a woman’s brain to tell her, without her realizing it, that she should want to be around you and get to know you. It’s not a mind control spell; you’ll still have to put your moves on. But pheromones can be very effective for helping you get your foot in the door, as women who might otherwise have not even given you a chance to speak to them will suddenly be very interested in what you have to say.

They are also particularly effective for picking up girls in a club, where you have plenty of excuses to get physically close to a woman, allowing her to more readily “smell” you. Pheromones are applied via a simple spray, and one of the better ones on the market is called Nexus Pheromones.

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Getting girls is one of the most primal possible expressions of masculinity. Doing it successfully can have a major positive impact on a man’s self-esteem, confidence, and ultimately, his happiness. The opportunities are out there, every day, whether you take advantage of them or not. So quit sitting idly by and letting them slip away because you’re too scared to make it happen.

I don’t care who you are or what you look like; if you’re serious about it, you can pick up girls — in clubs or anywhere else (but honestly, a club IS probably the best place to pickup women). Arm yourself with the tools and knowledge you need so you can play this game to win.

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