Pheromone Party Dating - How it works.

Pheromone Party Dating Explained

Quick, guys: Which trait do you find most attractive in a woman you might be interested in dating? There are plenty of answers that may have just popped into your mind. You might have thought of a pretty face, or a particular hair color, or maybe just a bodacious badonkadonk booty.

Some, perhaps, even opted to ascend beyond carnality and genuinely imagined some kind of interesting personality (don’t worry, we won’t tell your bros). But one response that most men wouldn’t think to list as their favorite aspect of a woman is how she smells. And if you think about it, that’s kind of unnatural.

Modern society doesn’t much appreciate a person’s natural odor, and in fact it pressures us pretty big-time to make sure this smell seldom if ever makes an appearance. But the truth of the matter is, we’ve spent thousands of years using smell to identify potential mates. And nowadays, science even has something to say about the mechanics of why.


Science Backs Up Pheromones

You see, it’s not necessarily a person’s scent that we like or dislike. We’ve discovered natural chemicals called “pheromones”, which are odorless themselves but are usually found mixed in with sweat or other fragrant bodily secretions.

They’re so powerful that some men use a pheromone spray like Nexus Pheromones designed to help them make sure they’re always wearing the right ones. These pheromones are detected by the nose even though we can’t smell them, and the right combination seems to subconsciously signal us that we’re in the presence of a desirable partner.

It may sound strange, but again, this is all backed by science. Test subjects in some very smelly studies have been given sweaty clothes to sniff, and without knowing to whom each garment belonged, most indicated little to no sexual attraction to those worn by genetic siblings or other close family members.

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On the other hand, there’s solid research indicating that women are progressively more pleased by the smell of men who have greater and greater testosterone levels in their blood. Both of these findings make a lot of sense, since nature has adapted us to dodge incest while seeking out healthy mates for procreation. Pheromones are very, very real, guys, so much so that the pheromone party is now a thing.


The Pheromone Party Phenomenon

What the hell is a pheromone party? It’s pretty simple, actually, even if it might come across as bizarre to some. A pheromone party can be thought of as one of those singles meets that people used to do a lot of before online romance sites made the scene. The main difference is that, instead of going by a person’s looks or social status, at a pheromone party you go by their smell.

Usually, participants are asked to sleep in the same shirt every night for several days before the event, to soak up all their yummy (or nasty) secretions. Then they attend wearing said shirt, and people just…sniff. No, for real. You get a big nosefull of someone’s scent, from their shirt or their skin, and see if you like what you smell.

Sometimes these pheromone dating get-togethers will begin with an official addressing the group to explain what pheromones are and how they work, and to lay down some of the ground rules for the evening. A common one: No pressing your schnoz up to someone’s neck or behind their ear without permission.

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Sometimes, to really play up the “blind” aspect of pheromone dating, the party will assign each participant a number before having them all sniff just the others’ shirts. Then they’ll write down the numbers of the ones they like.

Later, while mingling with all of the guests, they can ask and be delighted (or disappointed) by the truth of who wore each odoriferous offering. It’s hard to resist wondering what would happen if someone made the pheromone dating scene using a pheromone spray like Nexus Pheromones on their shirt. Ohh, the possibilities!

Obviously, those who like each other’s smell are free to arrange to meet sometime after the pheromone party and see where things go. It all may or may not work out from there, but there’s little denying that pheromone compatibility can give you an edge. The whole reason that a pheromone party would be held is because pheromones are not only powerful, but subtle. A woman will detect your pheromones without even knowing they’re there.


Why Pheromone Dating Works

See, pheromones provide an important evolutionary shortcut. We’re used to taking days, weeks or even months getting to know a potential mate, observing their behavior in various situations and seeing how they perform physically in their lives, before forming an opinion about whether they’re worth our time. Women especially need to know this when considering male partners, because women are the ones who bear children and so make by far the bigger investment in their mates.

But in a primitive situation, you don’t always have the luxury of taking forever and a day to decide who’s right by watching them carefully. It’s good to do when possible, of course, but it also helps to have a hardwired shortcut that can give you important information about a person immediately – like how healthy they are and whether their hormone levels are about right.

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Research suggests that this is what we get from pheromones. One whiff, so to speak, and we’re bombarded with subconscious signals about them and their desirability.

We aren’t talking about mind control, here. Just getting your foot in the door. Think how awesome it would be if those women who act like you just single-handedly canceled their favorite soap opera when you try to talk to them would only give you a freaking chance.

Instead of forcing politeness for as long as it takes to get you to go away, they actually sit there and listen to you, they tell you about themselves, and they make a good-faith effort to compare interests and see if you someone they might like to hang out with. That’s what pheromones can do for you.


The Pheromones Spray Shortcut

But let’s face it, guys. While you certainly could sweat in a shirt for a few days and then hit up a pheromone party to let strangers smell it, wouldn’t it be nice if there were a simpler, easier way? Well, as it turns out, there is. You can just use Nexus Pheromones instead.

Nexus Pheromones is a pheromone spray that you spritz on your neck before heading out to hit the town. It contains all the most important male pheromones for signaling a “high value” mate to women. By using it, you’re free to actually take a freaking shower, secure in the knowledge that while you may be washing away your own scent and pheromones, the spray is taking care of business for you.

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Pheromones are just the edge that a man needs in dating women. They don’t mess with anybody’s free will, but they do open the door for you. If you just want a fair shot to play the game and apply your skills, without getting disqualified before the opening bell rings, pheromones are exactly what you need.

They’re nature’s way of telling women to give you a damn chance, and for real men who are ready to go out there and get themselves a mate, a chance is all they need.

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