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Guys like to pretend it’s easy, but the truth is, picking up women is hard. You put on your nicest clothes, hit the bar or the club or wherever you like to prowl, and make the truly heroic effort to summon up the nerve and the confidence to try your moves on a young lady who catches your eye.

We all know what happens next. For all your trouble and courage, 9 times out of 10 (or 99 times out of 100), she rewards you with a glower or other dark look that just screams “who are you and why are you bothering me?”

The rest of the “conversation” doesn’t go very well. You pick yourself up, tell yourself it doesn’t matter, and positively force yourself to move on to the next girl – all the while pretending you don’t feel like you ought to be laying in the dumpster out back, waiting to be picked up in the morning with the rest of the garbage.

But it’s not like that for everyone, is it? You’ve seen the guys who don’t seem to have any trouble at all. They always have a hot girlfriend, or they’re always bragging about their latest hook-up – sometimes even both.

You’ve tried doing what they’re doing, but somehow it still leads back to frustration. What’s going on? There are a lot of factors to consider, obviously, but one powerful weapon they may have in their arsenal – that you’d never see or know about – is pheromones.

It’s very simple. Pheromones for men (and women, for that matter) are real, and they can have an enormous impact on human mating behavior. It turns out that this is because, being detected by the olfactory sense, they send signals directly to the brain (rather than those signals being intercepted and filtered through some mediator, as occurs with all other senses).

But “detected” is different from “consciously understood”; when pheromones hit someone’s nose, they entirely bypass the thalamus region of the brain – which is concerned with deliberate actions that you choose and of which you are aware – and stimulate more primitive zones, affecting emotions and even behavior on a subconscious level.

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But not everyone has the same pheromones; in fact, they’re highly variable from person to person. The pheromones you emit say a lot about you. They carry chemical signals about your overall health, genetics, and even your transient emotional state.

Again, none of this information is processed or understood on a conscious level, so it’s not that a woman is going to take a whiff of you and instantly know that you’re an Olympian athlete who’s feeling triumphant over the race he just won despite having recently gotten over the flu.

But your pheromones will communicate important markers about you to her, which she’ll perceive only on a level of which she isn’t aware, and which she’ll emotionally react to subconsciously. Do you see where this is going?

For obvious reasons, women have evolved to react with feelings of comfort, attraction, and yes, sexual arousal, when they detect male pheromones associated with strength, health, and good genes.

So what can you do about it? Surely you’re stuck with the clearly ineffective pheromones your body is squirting out, right?


Natural Pheromone Spray For Men

Maybe not, and that’s why it’s fortunate you’re reading this Nexus Pheromones review. Nexus Pheromones is a pheromone spray that you apply like a cologne, to change the pheromones women perceive from you.

It’s a blend of pheromones for men known to signal the traits of a suitable mate; not only that, but those pheromones are condensed and magnified (the website says times several thousand), so they’ll completely overwhelm your natural pheromones and presumably have an even greater than normal effect.

And note, Nexus Pheromones is applied LIKE a cologne; you can still use your favorite scent alongside it. Women will smell (and hopefully like) your cologne, while subconsciously reacting to the pheromones.

Pheromone Spray

In case you’re wondering (and you should be), all of this is backed by science. The Nexus Pheromones website is not shy about pointing out the mountain of peer-reviewed studies that have been conducted, both on the effects of pheromones in general, and on the pheromones in this spray in particular. Basically, we get a lot more from our olfactory sense than we realize.

According to research, by body odor alone (and scientists have actually used sweaty clothes in experiments on this), we can detect whether a person is genetically related to us or not. Over millions of years, nature has selected for sexual attraction and arousal to occur only in the absence of pheromones we associate with family members (because incest doesn’t perform well over generations) – and that’s one of the reasons we aren’t attracted to people related to us, even if they have a look, personality, or other traits we might normally be into.

Olfaction gives us a wide range of other cues as well, including signals on whom we SHOULD want to mate with: genetically dissimilar individuals who “smell” like they have good genes. The science makes a lot of sense when you really look into it.

The pheromone spray includes seven distinct pheromones for men, all of which have similar-sounding names (like Androstenone, Androsterone, and Androstanone; these are all different chemical substances), so we won’t get bogged down listing them individually. They all have their own effects, with significant overlap. Some signal dominance over other males, while others stimulate feelings of comfort and safety, and still others invite caring and affection.

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So what kind of results can you look forward to when you use this stuff? Well, we’re not talking about turning people into mindless zombies, here. You’re still going to have to do your part. But the science is pretty clear that if you’re putting out the right male pheromones, you’ll be talking to women whose brains are continuously signaling them to like you, to trust you, and to find you attractive.

You can expect a more open, receptive attitude, a greater attentiveness to what you have to say, and even some flirtatious behavior. They won’t fall all over you at first whiff, but they’re going to find themselves inexplicably drawn to you as opposed to other men. This pheromone spray isn’t a magic bullet, but it is your secret weapon; your “edge”.

It’s worth noting that the manufacturers of Nexus Pheromones are pretty confident in their product; enough, anyway, that they offer a money-back guarantee. You get 67 days to return the bottle if you aren’t satisfied, with the strange number being intended to let you try the pheromone spray for two full months and still have time to send it back. Turn the stuff in within that time window, and you get a full refund, minus shipping and handling.

Dating women is hard. You can put in your very best effort, and still consistently meet with disaster every time. Worse, the consequences of losing at this repeatedly can be devastating to your self-esteem – nothing says “failure” to a man’s brain on the most primal level like being unable to get a girl. Seeing other guys seemingly everywhere you go who are doing just fine in this department certainly doesn’t help.

Hopefully, this Nexus Pheromones review has armed you with some valuable information, on this particular product as well as on a broader potential solution to the problem you face. If you’re considering trying this spray, don’t be afraid to read another Nexus Pheromones review first, and see if it can tell you still more. Look into other sprays too, if you want. But in the end, don’t continue accepting defeat and going home alone every night. Do something.

Nexus Pheromones


Nexus Pheromones


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