Maxoderm Review

Maxoderm Review

It used to be the kind of thing that just didn’t get discussed in the open, because cultural norms simply didn’t allow it. That kind of repression wasn’t much good for anyone. Nowadays, we can talk about male erectile health, and so we realize just how important it is – and, sadly, how fleeting it can be.

Of course, every man likes to pretend (and maybe even brag to others) that he is a bottomless well of sexual vigor, who has never known anything but rock-hard erections and the phenomenal sex they bring. And, who knows, maybe some of the guys who talk like this are even telling the truth. For most men, though, it’s a different and much less glorious story.

We all know how it plays out. Inexhaustible erectile function is something that happens during adolescence and the early 20s. After that, it’s slowly but steadily downhill. Oh, you can probably still perform, most of the time, but everyone will have an encounter now and again when things could have been better. By 40 – if not earlier – just about all men are missing the erection quality they used to have, and for a great many more than most people realize, things have gotten so bad that it interferes even with normal, basic intimacy (never mind the kinds of wild adventures they might remember from earlier days). At that point, problems can arise in otherwise stable relationships, and the effects on a man’s self-esteem are nothing short of devastating.

Everyone knows there are pharmaceutical options. Erectile dysfunction pills like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra have made a huge splash in popular culture since they were developed. But in addition to being very expensive, these drugs can only legally (and safely) be obtained with a prescription, which requires an embarrassing doctor visit and a conversation no one wants to have. Additionally, these are harsh chemical solutions; Viagra has already been implicated in reducing male fertility and possibly causing skin cancer. Who knows what else these relatively recent medications, whose long-term effects no one has yet had time to study – might be doing to us?


Natural Erection Cream Option

Fortunately, other alternatives exist, and that’s why we have erection cream reviews in general and this Maxoderm review in particular. Maxoderm is a male enhancement cream that is applied directly to the penis. It mimics many popular sexual lubricants in that it produces a tingling, “warming” sensation on contact (which is pleasurable and can enhance any ensuing sexual intercourse), but it goes further by using a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to gently heighten penile stimulation. With increased sensitivity, signals from the brain directing blood engorgement and consequent erection are increased, leading to harder, fuller erections that last longer.

maxoderm erection cream

Maxoderm cream utilizes a completely different mechanism of action than the established erectile dysfunction drugs. Male enhancement medications like Viagra and its nearly-as-famous cousins work by forcing the relaxation of blood vessels, and crucially, by inhibiting the function of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) enzymes, which are the body’s natural means of bringing down an existing erection. This can produce a variety of unpleasant side effects, because the action is systemic (meaning it affects your entire body). Basically, blood vessels are dilating everywhere, not just the penis, so you could experience flushing and throbbing, headaches, and even vision disturbances. By contrast, Maxoderm cream targets the genital region specifically, because that’s where you’ll apply it. It also functions by heightening penile stimulation, yielding a stronger, natural erection that isn’t achieved through harsh chemical means.

The formulation of the Maxoderm cream includes a veritable legion of ingredients, nearly thirty in total, so we won’t get bogged down listing them individually. Some of the standouts, known and celebrated for their positive effects on erectile health, include zinc oxide, l-arginine, and saw palmetto extract. An important fact to keep in mind about the ingredients is that, since they are all-natural (and used externally anyway), you don’t have to worry about potentially dangerous interactions with medications or alcohol. This is another significant contrast with erectile dysfunction drugs; it’s known that taking Viagra with alcohol can be harmful, for example, and in an amusingly specific warning, Pfizer (the manufacturer of the little blue boner pill) strongly cautions against drinking grapefruit juice while taking their product.

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The manufacturers of Maxoderm have devised a regimen to maximize the efficiency and effect of their product, and it’s recommended you follow these directions when using it. There’s no need to apply the cream every day. In fact, during your first week of use, you’ll only be rubbing it on four times, for about 5-10 minutes each time. This climbs to 5 applications in each of weeks two and three, and 6 applications for each of weeks four through six. After that, the frequency of use starts to decline again, until in your eleventh and twelfth weeks, you’ll only need to apply the cream 3 times each week.

By then, you should have realized the cream’s maximum benefits, with some results coming in on your very first application, and “dramatic” effects possible after just four weeks. After the third month, you’ll only need to maintain your gains, which can be accomplished with as little as one application per week. In any event, you should definitely notice something by two months after beginning the treatments; if not, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee of which you can avail yourself, so the risk of trying the cream is limited.

Loss of erectile function, be it slight or severe, is no mere cutback of a fun diversion. It lowers your confidence in your own ability to perform, it can make you feel like less of a man, and it hurts your overall self-esteem. If it gets bad enough – and for many men, especially past a certain age, it will – it can make your partner feel inadequate and hurt your relationship. We’re not talking about missing out on an idle amusement. We’re talking about a serious quality of life issue.

But you don’t have to helplessly accept the deteriorations that time and age visit upon you. You’re reading erection cream reviews because you’re looking for a way to fight back, and with any luck, this Maxoderm review might contain just the information you need. But now is the time for action. Stop merely thinking about doing something, and do it. You may not be able to keep from getting older, but you don’t have to lose the things that make you who and what you are along the way.





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