How to date a girl using male enhancement products.

Male Enhancement Products For Dating

A lot of guys ask, “Why do I need to be thinking about using male enhancement products if I’m in the dating market?” That’s a good question, and one that deserves a thorough answer, because there’s a lot of BS out there on the topic.

I’m writing this post for those of you who want to cut through all the crap and learn the facts about these products that can supposedly change your sex life for the better and improve your chances dating hot women. Prepare for some truth to hit your windshield at 90 miles per hour.


How To Date a Girl – The History

Once upon a time, getting a girl was simple. You (or your parents) picked someone from among a handful of close neighbors, you got to know her (maybe), and barring any major foul-ups, you got married. Then the two of you set to the business of having kids, because hey, that’s what the whole thing was really about.

Society practically (and in some cases, literally) recognized your ownership of your new wife through a variety of customs and laws, so your chances of losing her down the line were remote.

There’s a lot to be said against this kind of bludgeoning, impersonal, and maybe slightly dehumanizing method of matchmaking, but you’ve got to give it one thing: As a means of securing female companionship (intimate and otherwise), it was easy and uncomplicated. You want a girl? Here. Next problem.

All that changed with the relatively recent advent of “dating”, which mostly coincided with an influx into big cities of single women seeking work. For something like the first time ever, women were free to choose the men they wanted to associate with, with an all-time low of social oversight and judgment.

As such, the group of prospective male suitors (now larger than at any time in the past) felt the need to compete with each other financially for the affections of their chosen girls.

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If all of this sounds like a pretty good deal for the women, it really wasn’t. One of the reasons the custom developed of a man paying for a lady’s meal (and her movie ticket, and a million other things) on a date was because women barely had any money despite being employed.

That’s because their bosses flagrantly underpaid them (worse than today), using the excuse that most of these job-seeking women were surely properly married, and were only working to bring in a “side income” to supplement their husband’s paycheck.

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Moreover, the abruptly new optics of women accepting gifts from men they were sometimes having sex with felt too much like prostitution for the comfort of a lot of authorities, leading to many young girls getting arrested for the heinous crime of enjoying a date night. They even took heat from actual hookers, who called them “charity girls” and accused them of undercutting their business by giving away a valuable commodity without demanding straight cash in exchange.

History of Getting Girls

Before you start feeling too bad, though, women in the 21st century are getting revenge for their gender. They’re making way more money (though famously still not as much as men) than before, meaning that a woman with a job could well be financially independent and have no need of a man at all – so even if she does get one, she could decide to simply drop him whenever she feels like it, with little ill effect on her life.

Despite this, men still are often expected to pay for both sides of a date, and run the serious risk of being seen as “cheap” or “unmasculine” if they refuse.

But by far, the biggest new challenge for men when it comes to how to date a girl comes from technology. From social media to text messaging to freaking Tinder, human communication and inter-connectivity has gone next-level. And if you’re naive enough to think this benefits both sexes equally, you should probably just see yourself out now. Seriously, it’s not even close.

Technology has completely reshaped the dating world, and men need to be prepared for the new challenges it has created.

For the first time in human history, women can potentially contact and interact with, well – EVERYone. That girl you occasionally drink coffee with at Starbucks? When she finishes talking to you (or even WHILE she’s talking to you!), she could be hitting her phone and chatting it up with a guy across the city – or across the continent.

If you want that girl, you’re in direct competition with pretty much every other man in the world who lives in a place from which he could conceivably come visit her, or to which her independent ass might be willing to move.

Or he could just come live next door to you to be with her, and be in your hair 24/7. And even if you “win” and get the girl, don’t kid yourself; you’re still going through all of the above, only now it’s to keep a girlfriend who already has you, could be slowly getting tired of you, and is constantly reminded of how many new, fresh opportunities she has to choose from.

Sure, it all theoretically cuts both ways, and you could be talking to just as many girls as she is guys. But it doesn’t work out that way in practice, because it’s a biological imperative in our species that men chase women.

Dating a girl in the 21st century

So you met a hot, fun girl on Tinder, she likes you back, and you’ve started dating? Nice. Take a peek (discretely) at the Tinder app on her phone that led her to you, and see how many other guys she has pestering her for attention. Is your dance card similarly brimming with interested females? Didn’t think so, champ.

And then there’s pornography, which has certainly always existed, but has gotten so prevalent and readily available (again, thanks to new technology) as to become a genuine threat. How? Actually, it hasn’t at all…assuming you’ve got a 12-inch dick, can stay hard for hours straight, and last better than sixty minutes before you blow your nut.

You didn’t think you and other guys were the only ones watching those videos, did you? Women look at porn too, and it makes them want something; something you, to be frank, probably can’t give them. Of course, neither can most guys, but your girlfriend doesn’t know that, and there’s nothing (trust me; NOTHING) stopping her from shopping around in search of an undiscovered Max Hardcore.


How Male Enhancement Products Can Change The Game

What you need, nowadays, is an edge. You need to be, not good, but the BEST lover a woman who goes to bed with you has ever had. There’s simply no replacing that. Whether you’ve been with a girl for years, or you’re trying to keep a girl you’ve just started with, it doesn’t matter how many other guys you’re up against if nobody’s better at making her toes curl.

Which male enhancement pills work best?

She won’t want to do anything to jeopardize her relationship with you, because no matter how exciting a new prospect may seem, she’ll always know (and on this, the more experience she has, the better) that others can’t compete with what you’ve got – where it counts.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can improve your sexual performance, and using male enhancement methods can be a critical part of your strategy. Some of the most comprehensive products are simply all-natural nutritional supplements that provide things your body relies on (but usually doesn’t get enough of) to do well in the sack.

These could be substances that boost your production of testosterone (which helps just about everything in terms of sex, for a guy), dilate blood vessels for better erection quality, and even sharpen your libido.

One of the best of these male enhancement products would be Extenze, which does all of those things with an aim toward giving you stronger, fuller hard-ons. This, of course, is good for its own sake, but it also has the pleasant side effect of making your penis appear bigger, since filling it with a greater volume of blood means that it IS bigger – at least while erect.

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Dating (as oppose to old-school courtship) has never been easy, but understanding how to date a girl has never been harder before than it is today. Let’s be straight about this: the deck is stacked against guys. If you want a girl, you need to do absolutely everything possible to get a leg up.

Fortunately, there are lots of options, and you can use many of them simultaneously. So before you even go looking for a hot girl, arm yourself with the weapons that will allow you to keep her. Then you won’t have to sit around, crippled by insecurity as you wait for another guy to woo your girlfriend away. Instead, you’ll be laughing – laughing not just because you’ve got her, but because the freakin’ game was blatantly rigged against you, and you damn-well won anyway.

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