How to keep an erection longer - no pills needed

How To Keep an Erection Longer Without Pills

If you’re wondering about how to keep an erection, you’re not alone. Statistically, it’s something that most men have on their minds after (and sometimes even during) their college years. Let’s be clear: This isn’t just about full-on erectile dysfunction, or ED, in which guys struggle to get a stiffy or they lose it during sex and can’t get it back.

Sure, theirs is the more serious case. But any man who’s ever flagged a bit while in action and noticed the look on his partner’s face that says she’s blaming herself knows the embarrassment, even if he didn’t have all that much trouble re-inflating when the time came. The goal is to keep an erection longer, staying hard enough for penetration even when you’re not penetrating.

One of the most effective methods available for doing this without pills is jelqing. That’s why programs like Erection Fitness have been devised to instruct men how to do it safely and correctly. If you’ve never heard of it (and many men haven’t), jelqing is a kind of penile exercise that involves gripping your semi-hard penis between thumb and forefinger, and carefully stroking it from base to tip in certain ways according to a certain regimen.

By doing this right over time, you can actually strengthen and grow the muscles in your penis. This not only gives you a bigger penis, but allows you to keep an erection longer and even perform better sexually. But jelqing is a bit tricky, and can be dangerous if done incorrectly. That’s why we have products like Erection Fitness, which is basically an in-depth “workout” routine for your dick, created by experts to instruct you in the right ways to jelq.


Longer-Lasting Erections – How To Get Them Without Pills

Today, though, we’re going to look at how to keep an erection without pills in other ways. You’re probably aware that there are pharmaceutical options, but these can carry harmful side effects, so all of the methods we’ll discuss here are entirely natural.

Let’s look at the subject very broadly, and understand that there are two categories of factors that play into getting an erection: Physical ones, and psychological ones. For the most part, we’re going to be tackling the physical ways to keep an erection longer. Psychological issues are definitely important, and you should do things like manage your stress and work out problems you may be having with your sexual partner, as these things can only help.

But if you keep the plumbing clear, and make sure everything is functioning right mechanically, you’re going to find that it’s easier to perform regardless of your mood on any given day. There are just certain ways that an erection works. Let’s make them work better!

It shouldn’t be too surprising that your diet is the first area we’ll look at. It affects just about everything else about how your body functions, so why not this? And, sure enough, eating the right foods can make a big difference in your erection quality. Eating more fruit is a great place to start, as dark berries are rich in anthocyanin to cut free radicals, and citrus fruits contain potassium and other nutrients that improve blood flow to the penis.

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Zinc in nuts and lean meat is essential for testosterone production, and your woodies are going nowhere without enough testosterone. Also, keep fat intake and total calories under control, to avoid becoming or remaining overweight. Body fat acts to convert testosterone into estrogen, which is a real double-whammy for hard-ons. Too much estrogen works against staying hard, while again, having good testosterone levels is critical.

Speaking of consuming stuff, you’ll want to watch your alcohol intake. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to cut out the sauce entirely. Actually, having a drink or two loosens you up, physically as well as psychologically, and can help with blood flow. That’s similar to jelqing exercises like Erection Fitness, which are designed to help with circulation in a more permanent way.

Now, don’t go getting all the way drunk – that can interfere with the brain signals telling your penis to stay hard, leading to the dreaded “whiskey dick”. Likewise, no smoking – at all. It damages the blood vessels. Be careful!

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Of course, there’s also the double-edged sword of just saying “no” for awhile. A few days, a week, up to you – take the time to stop jerking off and abstain from sex completely. By the time you let yourself go, you’ll be straining at the leash for some strange.

You’ll get harder easier, and stay that way longer. And the sex is damn satisfying, the way eating a big steak when you’ve been starving all day is satisfying. But it’s also frustrating as hell, and as all men know, it can lead to “spilling the beans” prematurely. And that is muy no bueno.


The Secret Weapon of Long-Lasting Erections – Exercise

Finally, you can’t go wrong with exercise. Generally speaking, anything that improves your cardio-vascular conditioning will help you keep an erection longer, but to get the most bang for your workout buck, you want to go with weight-lifting.

See, the reason men put on muscle mass more easily than women do is because of that all-important male hormone we’ve been talking about: Testosterone. And testosterone levels actually increase when you exercise and build your muscles.

But let’s do this intelligently. Don’t just do a few bicep curls and call it a day. Your best bet is to target the larger muscle groups (biceps are actually pretty small), so that you get more gains for the same amount of exercise. The legs and back are excellent choices. Go for workouts that favor fewer reps with more weight, and less rest time between your sets. All of that maximizes testosterone, which is the best way to keep an erection longer.

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When lifting weights, eat a high-protein diet (in addition to the other foods you’re eating for better erections, if you’re going that route). Meats, milk, and eggs have what you need. Then make sure you’re getting enough sleep; not only is this essential for packing on muscle, but it helps regulate your body’s production of testosterone (and just about everything else) by itself.

If you really want to commit to an exercise regimen as a way of maintaining better erections, though, you’re better off just jelqing. It goes right for the problem we’re trying to solve, here, and it really works. But again, you need to know what you’re doing before you get started with that.

You could spend weeks and even months scouring the internet’s huge jelqing community for information on the subject, and slowly piece together a successful routine from what you learn, but it’s not necessary to go to all that trouble. Erection Fitness already has.

Again, Erection Fitness is just a jelqing workout system, but it’s carefully put together by experts who know their stuff. The program includes step by step video tutorials to help ensure you don’t do anything wrong, and that you hit all the bases for maximum effectiveness.

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This is light years ahead of cobbling together your own routine, especially since the online jelqing boards have a lot of misinformation mixed in with the good stuff. If you really want to know how to keep an erection, jelqing is the answer, but let the professionals show you how.

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