Increase penis length with jelqing

How To Increase Penis Length With Jelqing

Superficially, the size of a man’s penis really shouldn’t matter; at least, no more than the size of any other part of his body. Actually, it should be considered a good deal less important, since having very small hands or feet could impose genuine hardships on a person’s life.

Meanwhile, so long as your penis is big enough to achieve penetration when it needs to, why should we care if its size is a little below average? Well, we shouldn’t, but for psychology. Human psychology, both male and female, is the reason men worry so much about how to increase penis length. Guys are scared to death that the girls in their lives will be left unsatisfied, think less of them, or even flat-out laugh at them if they aren’t hung like a donkey.

And the damning fact of it is, while the scope of their fears may be overblown, they aren’t entirely wrong. Studies may show that most women in long-term relationships are happy with their boyfriend’s penis, but women in long-term relationships are not THOTs looking for a hook-up.

It turns out that women who are down for casual sex do want to see something impressive below the belt, and tend to be disappointed when they don’t. That attitude can justify a dude’s preoccupation with his size, but that doesn’t mean he’s eager to go under the knife to get invasive dick implants. So the question becomes very important: are there any natural ways to enlarge penis?


Increasing Penis Length Naturally

Perhaps so, and an option that I would like to discuss for that today is called jelqing. Jelqing is, simply put, an exercise discipline that aims at how to increase penis length. At it’s most basic, it involves gripping the semi-erect shaft and using careful, controlled movements to stroke and stretch it repetitively.

By doing this consistently, anywhere from a few times a week to several times a day, the hope is that the penis will be stimulated to grow either through induced cell division or by aggressive muscle repair (the latter being the same way lifting weights can make your arms bigger). It’s not clear for how long jelqing has been around, though whenever it began, current theories suggest that it got its start somewhere in the Middle East – a culture which places particular emphasis on masculine pride, and the need to have a substantial penis.

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What is clear, is that jelqing enjoys a truly massive internet following, with thriving online communities swapping stories, techniques, and results. These people each have their own ideas about how to jelq, but they all seem to agree on the part that matters: jelqing works.

I haven’t tried jelqing myself, so I can’t speak from personal experience as to the kinds of results it can produce. I have, however, researched it extensively as part of my consuming interest in human sexuality. While the details may vary depending on the person with whom you’re speaking, the general practice remains consistent.

Most people agree that prior to jelqing, a man should take a warm shower for about 15 minutes, and following that, he should wrap his penis in a warm towel for a similar length of time. This is known, somewhat appropriately, as the “warm-up” phase of the exercise, and is considered rather important for its perceived effect of relaxing the blood vessels in the penis and otherwise preparing it.

Just as many bodybuilders wouldn’t dream of doing serious lifting without first stretching their muscles or performing some aerobic exercises to get their heart rate up, most jelqers consider it irresponsible to jelq in the absence of a good warm-up. Part of this process involves coaxing the penis to a semi-erect state, getting it up to about half staff.

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The actual workout is performed by holding the penis and stroking outward. The exact grip to be used is the subject of a bit of controversy, with some saying it’s best to seize the shaft between the tips of thumb and forefinger, while others prefer encircling the penis in the opening created by an “A-ok” finger gesture.

There’s also disagreement as to whether lube should be applied, or if jelqing is better done dry. In all cases, however, the penis is stretched, with fingers moving gently but firmly from base of shaft to corona of glans, before the process is repeated. Up to 50 “reps” may be utilized before a short period of rest, perhaps a few minutes.

After that, it’s time for another “set”, with a handful of sets performed per workout. Applying this process consistently over a period of weeks or months is celebrated as an effective solution for how to increase penis length.


Safety Precautions For Jelqing

As with any exercise, jelqing carries its share of safety concerns. For instance, the part about achieving a semi-erection before working out isn’t a casual suggestion; virtually all practitioners agree that jelqing a fully hard penis is foolish and dangerous, and can easily result in injury. Likewise, it’s possible to experience bruising or the appearance of red or purple dots on the shaft as a result of jelqing exercises.

Any such side effects should cause you to stop immediately and suspend the regimen until you’ve had a good long time to heal. And, naturally, pain or significant discomfort should never be ignored, and must always be heeded.

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To be perfectly honest, jelqing is something that just plain shouldn’t be attempted without either understanding a great deal about it, or having the guidance of someone who does. If you want to give this a try, a popular product on the market is Erection Fitness. This is, essentially, a pre-packaged jelqing routine crafted by experienced jelqers with safety and effectiveness in mind. It’s a good way to save yourself a lot of time, as piecing together a jelqing education on your own is likely to be a slow process that will demand patience.

For those who want to know how to increase penis length in a more automated way, eschewing the uncertainties of an inconsistent grip, firmness, or other variables, the option of penis extenders is worth considering. These are essentially simple jelqing machines, designed to streamline the exercise and help you to perform it in a more effective manner than you could manage with your unaided hands.

Think of them as the equivalent of weightlifting machines at the gym that force you into the correct form, rather than leaving you to use freeweights in what’s likely to be a less than ideal fashion.

A well-reviewed example of a penis extender would be the Pro Extender product. Basically, it’s a skeletal cylinder that fits over your dick, and adjusts to you specific size to achieve a relatively snug fit. The cylinder is built with manually operated levers that pull outward with uniform force and coverage, allowing you to jelq with machine-like precision.

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According to the manufacturer, not only will this make your tool both longer and fatter, but it will also increase overall sexual performance, including erection strength, lasting power (stamina), and even ejaculate volume. If this thing works, and its reviews indicate that it does, it’s pretty much the whole package.

So, those are some potential natural ways to enlarge penis. Whether to try them is up to you, but if you ask me, it’s nice to know we have options beyond simply accepting whatever cards Nature decided to deal us.

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