How to increase pheromones the natural way.

How To Increase Pheromones Naturally

Pheromones are real. We’ve long known that they exist, and that their impact on human behavior can be big. Nexus Pheromones, and other pheromone spray products, are based on that fact. But what exactly are pheromones? Very simply, pheromones are natural chemicals that have no odor themselves, but are secreted with bodily fluids that do have distinctive smells such as sweat and urine.

Rather than being consciously noticed (like those others would be), pheromones are detected by the nose and registered subconsciously, meaning you don’t know they’re there at all. That part’s easy to understand; smell is easily our most “unconscious” sense, being that we react to odors in ways we aren’t aware of all the time.

The part that lots of people have a harder time with is accepting just how much of a difference pheromones can make. These chemicals have spent millions of years evolving to make mating simpler by attracting members of the opposite sex subconsciously, a sort of biological automation.

Nobody is getting brainwashed, here, but they are receiving key information about fitness and genetic health just by taking a whiff. Beats the hell out of having to wait to see someone perform strenuous physical tasks that prove they’re a wise sexual choice.


The Facts About Pheromones

We’ve known this is true for as long as we’ve noticed that we like the smell of our partners before and during sex (it’s what we can’t smell that we’re actually reacting to). Science is fully on board with this, too: A recent study showed that fertile women enjoyed the smell of men with high testosterone more than those with low T, and found them more attractive.

Whether these women were responding to the hormone itself (meaning that it acts like a pheromone) or increased pheromone production that it stimulates isn’t clear, but what we’re sure of is that females like males with more testosterone. And while it’s great to have that on the record, come on. Is anyone really surprised?

Pheromones can be any man’s edge in landing dates with hot women, and that’s more important today than ever in history. Why do you think products like Nexus Pheromones are so well-reviewed? See, not all that long ago, most people in the world lived in small villages where they knew everyone. They also would spend their lives never traveling more than a few miles away from home.

Even if this weren’t also a time when our parents would probably just make a deal with some girl’s parents to arrange a marriage for us, we still wouldn’t have had much trouble finding partners back then. After all, every female we would ever meet only knew a handful of other males. Sooner or later, we’d get picked just because there wasn’t anybody else left.

But now there are international flights and the internet and freaking TINDER, for God’s sake. That girl you met at Starbucks the other day and can’t stop thinking about? She MIGHT go out with you. Or she might swipe right on a bodybuilder from clear across town or answer a message on PlentyofFish from Henri in Paris. The competition’s fierce.

Because increasing sexual pheromones is a killer strategy that most men never even consider, it can provide you with a huge advantage. Nexus Pheromones is used as an awesome way to cash in on this advantage. But today, let’s talk about how to increase pheromones in other ways, to arm yourself with evolution’s secret weapon.


Increase Secretions of Pheromones Naturally

To begin with, your diet can have a huge impact on your body’s pheromone production. Try to eat more celery, truffles, and parsnips, as these foods actually contain the human pheromones androstenone and androstenol (like Nexus Pheromones does, for example), and may boost your own levels of those chemicals. Also target dairy foods, eggs, chicken, and shellfish.

All of those are rich in zinc, an important mineral that results in heightened testosterone when eaten in sufficient quantities. A man needs to keep his testosterone high for lots and lots of reasons, but as we saw, women can literally smell it when you’ve got plenty. And they like it.

Exercise is another important key to how to increase pheromones. Not all exercises are created equal, though. You want to focus on weightlifting routines that involve as many muscle groups across your body as possible. Growing muscles boosts your testosterone.

The back and legs are two large groups that, and targeting them adds a lot of mass for relatively little effort. Favor fewer reps with greater weight – just make sure not to try to lift something heavier than you can handle. Follow this up with a high-protein diet, along with the pheromone and zinc-bearing foods we just talked about.

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Any time you’re lifting weights to build muscle mass, it’s extremely important to see that you’re getting enough sleep, since that’s the time when your body repairs and grows muscles hit by a workout. Well, happy day! It turns out that sleep is also key to increasing pheromone production. Without sufficient rest, your body begins to fail in all kinds of awful ways – and this is one of them.

You want to get a good eight hours of continuous sleep in a cool, dark room. That means no waking up for a couple hours and then going back to sleep, and no leaving the curtains open all night to let in the moonlight. Sleep long, sleep cool, and sleep dark.

Alright, this last one isn’t gonna be to everybody’s taste. We’re only discussing it because, frankly, it works. Remember the mention earlier of how pheromones, even though they don’t actually smell like anything themselves, are released in smellier bodily fluids? That means that just like those other fluids, your pheromones can be washed off…or not.

Let’s not mince words, here: If you’re wondering how to increase pheromones, a viable strategy is to simply bathe less frequently. Now, obviously you want to be careful here, because we live in a society where it ain’t cool to go around stinking up the joint. That hasn’t always been the case.

Long’s the time when people once passed off body odor as something that just happens, and getting rid of it was seen as neither practical nor necessary. But we don’t live in those times anymore, so you do have to speed the stick to some degree. Maybe just not as often, is all.


Using Pheromone Sprays

Now, let’s face it: You COULD do any or all of this stuff, but with the possible exception of sleeping more, all of it would be a pain (especially that last suggestion – phew!). The easiest and best way of increasing sexual pheromones, without any of the headaches, is to just apply them when needed. Seriously, guys, they have literally bottled this stuff up.

Nexus Pheromones is an awesome pheromone spray that’s blended to give you all the right male pheromones, so that you don’t have to worry about cajoling your body into making them itself. That way, you just spray on a few pumps before you go out for the evening, and you’re all set. Way simpler than planning a diet and exercise regimen.

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By all means, do that too, but maybe aim for something silly like good health, and let Nexus Pheromones handle what you need on your skin.

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