How to grow your dick bigger.

How To Grow Your Penis

This is it, the grand-daddy of male concerns. This is what makes men wring their hands in worry when they think nobody’s looking. This is what brings embarrassment and shame, causes pills to be popped and potions to be quaffed, and sees rulers and measuring tapes furiously thrust into places their noble inventors never imagined or intended for them to go. Prepare yourselves, gentlemen. In my best King Leonidas voice: This. Is. DICK SIZE!!!

Getting a bigger dick.

Why the hell are men so obsessed with this topic, anyway? Looking at the matter objectively, it seems pretty silly, right? Most women will tell you that the size of your penis really doesn’t matter to them, and it’s not like there’s a whole lot you can (effectively) do about it anyway.

So in the end, it’s just one arbitrary component of your anatomy that serves a couple of functions, not really any different from the other parts of your body. No one really worries to excess about the size of their feet, or their lips, or their wisdom teeth. Why should guys be so particularly passionate about the proportions of their pee-pee?

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Honestly? Because – and this is the best-kept secret in civilized society – penis size really DOES matter, and for exactly the reason you’ve always suspected it does. Yeah, women shoot off reassuring platitudes on full auto about how important it’s not when their boyfriends somehow work up the nerve to ask. But what the hell were you expecting them to say? “Sorry baby, five inches just doesn’t do it for me?” Real life isn’t cuckold porn. Men ain’t tryin’ to hear that.

Average penis size is not enough.

And speaking of porn, it’s one of the reasons men have this problem. If you’re like most guys, you were probably at least a little concerned about your size before you ever saw your first snuggle film. But it didn’t help much, did it, when you then laid eyes on the endowments of men specifically recruited for their massive manhood? Manhood they were very much in the process of using, as their partners screamed in ecstasy – often about how awesome their enormous size made them?

Everybody loves a good porn, but you can be forgiven for feeling a bit inadequate after that. If you really want to give yourself some awkward nightmares, though, forget all about what happens when YOU watch porn. What about when women see it (as you know they do), and start wondering how amazing it would be to have a boyfriend like THAT?

“Alright, alright,” I can hear you saying. “But those are porn stars. They got that job because they have monstrously huge cocks, which no regular man can reasonably be expected to match. I know that, and women know it. I mean, girls who like ripped, muscular guys might pick their boyfriends at the gym, but they don’t all insist on professional bodybuilders from the Mr Olympia competition.” Okay, fair enough. So what do women REALLY want in terms of dick size?


The Science of Dick Size

Before answering that, it helps to know what men actually have. We can determine this thanks to cold, hard, scientific studies (and, come on, you’re not really surprised we’ve paid scientists to research this, are you?) It turns out that, when erect, the average penis size is just over five inches in length and four and a half inches in circumference.

Women, when asked in a laboratory setting by people who aren’t their boyfriends, will admit that they prefer about an inch more on both measures. Some of them will also reiterate that, while they may LIKE larger dicks, they really don’t think too much about average penis size. Again, that’s a bigger load than I leave in my toilet in the aftermath of Taco Tuesday. Thicker, longer shafts simply reach spots that the smaller guys can’t. They’re also psychologically more impressive for women just to look at, which impacts the penetrative experience.

But what can you do? If God has cursed you with a diminutive ding-dong, isn’t that just the way things are? It’s not like you can grow your dick BIGGER, right?

Dude. It’s the 21st century. Seriously.

There are actually a number of ways you can achieve a more sizable schlong, and they don’t even require prescription medication. In fact, some of the best methods are all-natural. A number of pills and creams, for example, are essentially just nutritional supplements that deliver little-known substances that your body relies on (and which many modern people don’t get nearly enough of) to boost your production of testosterone, dilate penile blood vessels, and otherwise nourish those ever-important tissues below the belt.

These effects work together to improve your sexual function in a variety of ways, such as by cranking your libido into overdrive and making you last longer in the sack. They also produce fuller, stronger erections than you’re used to experiencing, and this increases penis size by getting more blood in there when you really need it. All of which is great, of course (who wouldn’t want to perform better overall?), but it does mean that you only get bigger hard-ons; the actual size of your penis remains unchanged. So what can we do about THAT?

Plenty, because as it turns out, “jelqing” is a thing. That’s an exercise routine (actually, there are several, scattered all over the Web) that involves carefully pulling and stroking your semi-erect penis in specific ways, several times a day. This may sound useless and even a little silly, but it’s really not. What it does is stimulate the cells in your little buddy to divide and multiply, leading over time to a greater total volume of tissue and a dick that actually is (not just looks) bigger. You can do this with your own bare hands, and it works.


Grow a Bigger Dick With ProExtender

But probably one of the better products on the market for achieving the same effect, utilizing a device specifically designed to remove the imprecision of using your hands, is ProExtender. It’s sort of like a plastic cylinder that fits over your dick and pulls it in exactly the manner necessary to produce results. Those results last, too; one of ProExtender’s more attractive selling points is that once you’ve gone through the routine (which does take several months), you’re done and required maintenance to keep your new, bigger size is minimal. Traditional jelqing, on the other hand, is just an exercise like any other; stop doing it, and you lose what you’ve gained.

So you’ve got options at your disposal. Which is good, because if you’re reading this now, you’re probably like most men: a little insecure about what’s going on downstairs. The numbers aren’t very encouraging – since most women prefer a penis size that is above the male average. But really, even if science painted a brighter picture, would cold data really help us here? The size of your dick is a deeply personal matter that depends on your own perceptions. If you don’t FEEL like you’re big enough, then you aren’t; ultimately, it’s as simple as that.

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That means it’s time to be a man, and do something about it. You don’t have to be at the mercy of your genetics; you have weapons available to you that will allow you to fight back against the whims of nature. It’s up to you, of course, to take hold of them and put them to use.

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