How to get harder erections during sex.

How To Get Harder Erections

At first, it can seem a bit scary just how preoccupied men are with getting a harder erection. The existence of foods like “tiger penis soup”, celebrated in myth as a powerful booster to male virility, shows us how even other creatures aren’t always safe when humans are on about their boners.

But while emasculating presumably innocent felines may reasonably be seen as a step too far, and we’ve since moved on to less violent (and more effective) male enhancement supplements like Vigfx, it’s understandable why we care so much about this. It’s all too natural for a man’s sexual capabilities to start declining pretty much as soon as he’s done with puberty, until most guys are running into full-on erectile dysfunction (ED) by age 40.

And being able to get a hard-on is kinda, sorta, you know…absolutely mission-critical for men, with serious emotional consequences should anything make it difficult or impossible. Of course men we want to get harder erections. It’s important.


The Path To Harder Erections

Products like Vigfx offer a natural, effective solution to this problem, but today we’re going to look at other options that can also help you get harder erections. To avoid the potential side effects of taking medications, we’ll stick to strategies that don’t involve pills. A drug isn’t always the best answer.

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so if getting harder erections maybe sounds nice but isn’t something for which you have a great need, the best thing you can do is keep it that way. Relatively simple lifestyle changes now can greatly reduce your chances of running into problems in the future, which allows you to bypass a potentially devastating issue that afflicts so many men.

Healthy erections depend on a number of factors, but there are two considerations that rise above the rest: Blood circulation, and testosterone levels. All an erection actually is, is blood filling the corpora cavernosa of the penis, which is tremendously easier when blood travels freely throughout the body to begin with.

And that process won’t even begin, along with many other masculine bodily functions, if your testosterone levels are low. So let’s tackle these important factors individually.


Testosterone = Hard Erections

To keep your body producing testosterone, there are a few simply things you can do. Exercise can really help, here, especially weight-lifting to build muscle. Try to target the larger muscle groups, like the back and legs, to reap the greatest benefits for the least amount of work. Designing a workout routine that emphasizes fewer reps at higher weight seems to be ideal for hitting testosterone.

Make sure you get enough restful sleep (at least 6 hours a night, but 8 is best), which is aided by doing your slumbering in a cool, fully dark room. This is important both for your exercise and your normal testosterone production. That’s because your body not only relies on having enough sleep to make testosterone, but it also repairs and grows muscle tissue during this time.

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All your efforts in the gym are wasted without a decent amount of shut-eye to back them up. Try to take your sleeping hours all in one go, rather than waking up and being active for awhile before going back to sleep.

Dietary changes can also help ensure good testosterone levels well into the future. You want to eat plenty of nutrients like zinc and L-arginine, as these are necessary testosterone precursors. Red meat, nuts, and berries are all good choices for getting harder erections, both now and later. Also, while no man likes to hear this part, it’s best to keep your beer consumption in check.

That’s not to say you have to give up that precious liquid gold altogether, but don’t overdo it. See, the hops used to make beer can increase estrogen levels in your blood. That’s bad for a male body in plenty of ways, and erectile function is one of them. Watch the beer, get harder erections. Sorry, guys.


Blood Circulation & Stress Levels

As for blood circulation, the best thing you can do to promote it is to protect it. Monitor your blood pressure, and take action early if it gets too high. Stick to only modest alcohol consumption (of all kinds, not just beer), as a little bit actually dilates your blood vessels and gets things flowing better, but drunkenness is a vaso-constrictor that slows it all down.

And you probably know this, but no smoking. It’s terrible for your arteries. Puff away too much for too long, and you’ll be lucky to avoid heart disease, never mind needing to get harder erections.

Try to keep a low-sodium diet to avoid high blood pressure, avoid excessive sugar so you don’t provoke diabetes, and manage total calories to stave off obesity – which can cause both by itself. These are some of the biggest contributing factors to ED and to declining erectile function in general, so don’t ignore them.

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If you feel like your blood circulation already isn’t all that it could be, worry not. You can do wonders for it by adopting a cardio-vascular exercise regimen. This is aerobic activities like walking, running, and jumping rope, now – not weight-lifting. You can do both, though it’s generally best to have and maintain a healthy circulatory system before taking on the strain of heavy lifting and building muscle mass.

Of course, having low stress in your life is a great way to keep good blood circulation, but this one can be easier said than done. If you’ve got a stressful life, you’ve got a stressful life, and a lot of people do. Try to identify your biggest stressors, and mitigate or remove them if at all possible. Don’t worry so much about money.

Try some meditation, and see if it helps calm you down. Too much stress can prevent you from getting harder erections all by itself, but over time, it contributes to high blood pressure and ongoing damage to the erectile system. It’s tough to avoid for many, but do what you can; this is a big one.


Nutrients For Hard Boners

Really, though, the best thing you can do to get harder erections is consume the right dietary nutrients. Zinc and L-arginine for testosterone barely even scratch the surface. You also need to have decent levels of anthocyanins, folate, and vitamin B-12, among other stuff. You could definitely plan an entire “erection diet” around the foods you’d have to eat each day to pull this off.

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Of course, you’d also be balancing those dick-healthy choices with the high-protein meals you need to support your weight-lifting, and the low-sugar, low-sodium, low-calorie items that keep away the nasty health conditions we discussed. Is it even possible? Maybe, but you won’t be having dinner at a restaurant too often.

Your alternative is to simply take a supplement designed to give you all that you need. Vigfx, for example, is specifically formulated to provide all of the many, many nutrients that your body demands to perform at its best between the sheets. It’s not a drug; this is just all-natural nutrition like you get from food, except you don’t have to eat all of those foods to get it.

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It’s a real no-brainer; when modern technology opens a door like this, it’s time to walk on through!

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