GenF20 Plus Review

GenF20 Plus Review

Since the dawn of human history, people have feared growing old. And in just about every way that actually matters, they’ve sat back and let it happen. There have certainly been efforts over the centuries to use diet, exercise, and literal or metaphorical witch’s brews of dubious content (animal genitalia seem to be popular for this, for reasons truly bewildering) to combat the aging process. But for the most part, resignation and acceptance have run in rich veins just under the surface of human culture, right up to the modern day. We even glorify and celebrate the archetype of the “wise old man”; the one at peace with his withered, wizened body, as he waits patiently without fear for the Reaper to knock at his door.

The stakes in this matter are high. During our teens and early twenties, most of us experience the best physical condition we’re ever going to enjoy; then, right around age 25, things begin to slow down. Stamina declines. Keeping a healthy body weight becomes more and more difficult. The hot, insatiable sex drive of a teenager starts to wane and never really stops. There are mental consequences, too, with memory recall now taking that extra moment (or few extra moments) to kick in, the time needed to learn a new skill quietly going up, and a general deepening fogginess where once there was only sharpness and clarity. It’s no wonder people have always been afraid of this, even if they’ve never managed to get very far fighting it.

By the 21st century, however, the score has changed. The relentless advance of science has taught us a great deal about what exactly is happening to us and why – and what we can do to fight back. We’ve identified specific nutritional supplements that can refocus our minds and reinvigorate our bodies, topical applications to keep our skin looking healthy and young, and various other compounds to help combat the deleterious effects of aging. And for the stuff that actually works, not a single animal has to be castrated.

And that goes double for one of the greatest discoveries we’ve made in the fight against aging: Human Growth Hormone, or HGH. Not only do we not have to bother animals to get this stuff, but, as the name implies, it’s a natural hormone that comes from right inside us. It’s at its peak in our childhood and adolescent years; after that, it becomes one of the many things about us that inexorably declines over time. As it leaves us, we definitely feel the effects. And we want a way to counteract them.


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Which is why there are so many GenF20 Plus reviews on the web. GenF20 Plus is what’s called an “HGH Releaser”, using a proprietary blend of natural supplements known to stimulate the body’s production of HGH. This can have a powerful effect on an aging body, including the diminishing of existing wrinkles and other signs of skin wear, increased lean muscle (which leads to a reduction of body fat), better sleep, stronger vision, and lower cholesterol – just to name a few of the benefits. Basically, the idea here is turning back the clock, with the aim of restoring function as it was in your teens and twenties.

HGH is known to be a powerful weapon against aging, so much so that many people go the route of direct injections. It’s definitely something to consider, but it has serious drawbacks – including high cost, and the pain of taking the needles. And then there are the unknown potential dangers of the synthetic compounds used. These injections probably work (or, one imagines, they wouldn’t be so expensive), but when natural alternatives are available, it seems wiser and safer to use them – and important to seek out the best HGH supplement.

GenF20 Plus is actually offered as two products, which are designed to be used concurrently: a pill, and an oral spray. The dosing schedule is not for the faint of heart, as you will need to take two pills twice a day (generally two in the morning, and two at night), along with a directed 6 daily hits of the oral spray. Keeping to this regimen, the products’ website suggests results may begin to appear in as little as 30 days, but recommends you stay the course for two months (60 days) for optimal benefits. If you are unsatisfied after that, you’ll still have a week to return any unused portion: the company offers a 67-day money-back guarantee, promising a full refund (minus shipping and handling) at any point within that time frame.

GenF20 Plus Spray

This wouldn’t be much of a GenF20 review if we didn’t cover the products’ ingredients, so we’ll briefly go over them now. The pill contains 16 distinct supplements, including “Pituitary Powder” to stimulate the brain’s pituitary gland (where HGH is produced), Colostrum to increase immunity and accelerate healing, and Astralagus Root Extract for speeding up metabolism. All are either used to stimulate HGH production directly, or else to counteract various age-related effects. Meanwhile, the GenF20 Plus spray focuses on the delivery of Alpha GPC, a potent HGH booster that has been tested in clinical studies.

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The benefits of Alpha GPC include heightened strength-training results from workouts, more efficient fat removal from the liver, and improved mental focus. Needless to say, it also works with the pituitary gland to boost HGH production. The spray also contains other ingredients, such as Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA), Mooyimo Extract, and L-Valine.

Of course, it’s hard to know which of the many offerings on the market constitutes the best HGH supplement, but it helps that GenF20 Plus comes with the recommendation of Dr. Steven Lamm, a practicing physician and author of “The Hardness Factor”. Dr. Lamm praises GenF20 Plus for its ability to increase HGH production naturally, and reiterates the benefits that it can generate (faster metabolism, stronger sex drive, and higher energy, among others).

When it comes to the timeless worry of growing old, we live in a new age. Modern medicine makes tools available to us for restoring and retaining youth that could scarcely have been imagined by our ancestors. No longer must we sit powerless before the ravages of old age as our bodies, our vitality, and our very minds slowly fail us over sadistic spans of time. For the first time in history, we can meaningfully fight back.

So do your homework, gather the facts, and find the best HGH supplement for you. This GenF20 review has presented one very serviceable option, but there are others. Seek different products, or simply read other GenF20 Plus reviews, and make your decision. But whatever you do decide, it’s important that you decide something. Old age isn’t going to wait for you to make up your mind, and you shouldn’t wait for it to steal your vigor. The time to take action is now.

GenF20 Plus


GenF20 Plus


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