Foods that help you stay erect - Keep your erection!

Foods That Help You Stay Erect

Let’s face it: Erection problems can happen to any guy. And they happen often enough that products like Vigfx have been created specifically to address this very serious issue. No wonder, because starting in our teen years (when worrying about staying erect simply isn’t a thing), it’s only downhill from a biological point of view.

College guys have to get dangerously high or bombed-out drunk to have trouble here, and men in their 30s are mostly – but only mostly – ok. But statistically speaking, at around age 40, most of us begin suffering from some form of erectile dysfunction — it’s just the way things go.

Now, let’s be clear: With that one, we’re not talking about your dick annoyingly deflating while you pause the action to put on a condom, requiring you or your partner to give it a few strokes to bring it back to full mast. That’s bad enough. But ED means you can’t stay hard enough for long enough to have a mutually satisfying sexual experience.

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That can be devastating to a man’s self-esteem and to the health of his relationships, and it’s terrifying because, again, it’s gonna happen to MOST of us at least a little. And let’s not forget that the only difference between a single embarrassing night (which we want to avoid anyway) and a chronic inability to perform is degree.

When the stakes are so high, of course we’re fortunate they’ve created options like Vigfx. But today, let’s look at alternatives to such products, and examine whether there are any particular foods for staying erect. Could it be that maybe dietary changes are all that’s needed to address this issue?


Foods That Harm Erections

There’s simply no question that our diet, with the enormous impact it has on our bodies, can improve or worsen our erectile function. In fact, all that products like Vigfx really try to do is take the specific nutrients in foods that help erections and blend them together into a single, concentrated formula you can take in a simple daily pill, or other form.

But before we get into the specific things that we should be eating, it’s important to understand a couple of basic principles regarding the kinds of foods to STAY AWAY from.

Our first principle here is to avoid a high-sodium diet. Foods like processed meats, canned goods, and pretty much anything that has extra salt sprinkled on it, we’re better off without. Cheeseburgers and fries may be delicious, but eat too much of them, and we risk paying a heavy price in sodium intake.

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The problem here is that excessive sodium can lead to high blood pressure, and high blood pressure causes hardening of the arteries. That’s why hypertension, the medical term for high blood pressure, is one of the leading causes of ED. It mostly affects older people, but the foods you eat now absolutely affect whether you’ll suffer from hypertension later.

We also want to stay away from overindulging in sweets. The occasional cupcake or ice cream cone is fine, but guys with a serious sweet tooth take in too much processed sugar. Really any “high-glycemic” food, which includes russet potatoes and white (not brown) rice, will have the same effect. What effect is that? To cause a sharp spike in blood sugar, which your body has to deal with by pumping out a massive amount of insulin.

The evidence isn’t clear on how bad this is, but conventional medical wisdom is that a body forced to bear this load for too long is in danger of developing diabetes, which can damage nerves and blood vessels. And just like hypertension, guess what diabetes is known to be a huge contributor towards? Our good friend, ED.


Foods That Will Keep You Erect

Alright, but what about specific foods for staying erect? A strong, sustainable erection depends on a few factors, and there are things you can eat for each and every one of them. To begin with, while we’ve known for awhile now that red wine was good for heart health as well as a potent anti-ager, we now have at least one 30-year scientific study which has concluded that a glass a day keeps the limpies away.

One glass of red wine each day, along with a diet rich in citrus fruits like berries, pears, and apples protects erectile function over the long term. The hero here seems to be flavonoids, which are found in these healthy, natural foods.

What about good blood flow? All an erection is, is a penis becoming engorged with blood, which is then “trapped” in the organ to maintain hardness by anatomical features designed for the job. Anything that promotes smooth blood circulation, then, helps produce a strong and lasting boner.

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This is why erection products like Vigfx use several natural substances to target blood flow in particular (more about Vigfx below). Foods that help erections in this way should be rich in potassium, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and allicin, to name three ingredients.

Some good choices for snagging these important nutrients are bananas, fish (especially tuna, salmon, and mackerel), walnuts, and garlic and onion. All of these will help keep the plumbing running well.

Zinc is an extremely important mineral for erectile health. This elemental metal is a key ingredient in the production of the chief male hormone, testosterone. Strong levels of testosterone are needed for men to build muscle, engage in all those physically-demanding activities we love like playing sports and lifting heavy stuff, and perform sexually.

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To get way too simplistic with you guys on a subject we could easily talk about in its own blog post, no testosterone means no sex for a man – and no zinc means no testosterone. Foods that help erections through zinc content include milk, cheese, and various nuts. Red meat like beef, lamb, and pork is also a rich source of zinc; just try to keep it lean for the most part, so you don’t take in too much sodium along with your healthy minerals.


Staying Erect – Supplements That Can Help

The above are just a few foods for staying erect. There are plenty more, rich in important ingredients for sexual health that we haven’t even touched on, like L-arginine (another testosterone component, just as vital as zinc). You could design a whole diet consisting entirely of erection super-foods, for a massive benefit to performance in bed both short- and long-term.

There’s just one problem with doing that: It’s a huge, huge pain in the tuckus. You’d have to plan meals including so many different foods, carefully selected to bring in so many nutrients, that you’d be lucky if the requirements didn’t destroy your freedom to eat out with friends. Which isn’t the end of the world; that’s a sacrifice that many people make for various health reasons. But it’s hard, and a major life imposition.

That’s the reason that products like Vigfx exist. There really isn’t anything in most of these male enhancement supplements that you can’t find in totally natural foods; it’s just that you’d have to scour far and wide to get ALL of those foods.

Rather than doing that, you’re better off at least trying Vigfx. That way, you’re sure to get everything you need and in the proper doses, so you don’t have to worry about getting extra of one thing while falling short on another.

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And for crying out loud, it’s a freaking pill. You pop it in the morning, and forget about it. That’s way easier than planning and measuring every meal you eat. By all means, go in for a healthy diet, but don’t let it dominate your life. Try Vigfx.

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