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Sexual performance is extremely important to a man. It can be hard for some people (especially women) to understand, but it’s the simple truth. Factors like penis size, erectile strength, and lasting power in bed have an enormous impact on the male ego, and to a large extent, they are psychological measures of masculinity.

For better or worse, when a man feels he can perform well in sex, he feels better about himself, and enjoys an improved outlook and mindset that reaches into many other parts of his life.

When he isn’t satisfied with what he can do in the carnal department, however, just the opposite is true: He may think less of himself, and have a drastically reduced self-esteem. For men, this is a serious issue.

And yet, while lifestyle and fitness issues can certainly play a role, sexual performance is largely a matter of genetics. At the end of the day, there’s little you can do about how large your penis is (or isn’t). As for erections and stamina, there are pharmaceutical options to help with these, including the famous Viagra for the former and other drugs for the latter.

But these are harsh chemical solutions with dubious secondary effects on your body; Viagra, for example, has already been implicated in reduced male fertility and even skin cancer, and it hasn’t even been out for all that long yet. Who knows what else it might be up to? Besides, it’s a prescription drug, meaning the only legal and safe way of acquiring it is to have a conversation with your doctor that no man wants to have.

Extenze Natural Male Enhancement Pills


Natural Male Enhancement Is The Best Option

Fortunately, there are natural, non-prescription alternatives, and that’s where this Extenze review comes in. You may have already heard of Extenze, which is a natural male enhancement pill that’s all up in your business downstairs. It’s a daily supplement that uses an all-natural blend of ingredients to increase blood flow to the three erectile chambers of the penis, and to keep that blood there for as long as its needed. This means greater engorgement of the penile tissue, which results in bigger, harder erections. That, of course, leads to more intense, satisfying orgasms.

Extenze Pills

Some of the natural male enhancement ingredients used by Extenze, such as Yohimbe Bark Extract, get more blood to the penis right away, which offers an immediate benefit. Other ingredients, however, like Zinc, Tribulus Terristris, and L-Arginine, work by using natural means to increase your body’s own production of testosterone.

This has a far greater impact on sexual performance than merely putting blood where you need it; it increases your overall libido (which is always fun, and which is unfortunately another problem for many men) and strengthens stamina, as well as further shoring up erectile function. It can also make ejaculations more voluminous, which makes male orgasms stronger.

Of course, boosting testosterone takes time, meaning that while you will get instant results (well, give it 30 to 45 minutes after taking the pill) from Extenze, there is also an ongoing process being fed each time you take a dose. By the way, in addition to the four ingredients mentioned above, Extenze also contains Folate, Korean Ginseng Extract, Horny Goat Weed, and some sixteen other natural components.


What Results Can I See With Extenze?

So, exactly how long do you have to give this stuff to work? Well, let’s first reiterate that you WILL feel it every time you take it. You can expect a slight flushing sensation from heightened blood flow, and a feeling of “readiness” below the belt: It will be easier to get and maintain erections. For longer-term benefits, however — the kinds that will persist even when you haven’t recently swallowed an Extenze — the sellers recommend waiting about three months (with daily supplementation) for full effect.

Of course, it’s a gradual process, so you should notice ongoing improvements in your function over that time. If, for whatever reason, you aren’t happy with the results you get from Extenze after 90 days, you’ll be glad to know you have that long plus a week to return any unused portion of your order. That’s a 97-day money-back guarantee (designed to ensure Extenze gets its three months before being sent back), during which you can ask for a full refund – minus shipping and handling charges.

The fact is, men need to be able to perform well in bed. It’s a strong psychological and emotional imperative that has historically defined (and continues to define) masculinity. For the most part, there’s nothing wrong with that. Sex is one of life’s major sources of pleasure and fulfillment, and most men who worry about their capabilities are motivated not only by their own satisfaction, but by a genuine desire to make sure their partner is taken care of too. Frankly, the world would probably be a better place if that kind of selfless attitude were common in other areas.

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Unfortunately, the downside to sexual prowess being so important to a man is the unmitigated devastation he can feel when he isn’t satisfied with his own capabilities. Which really makes you wonder how some guys really feel about themselves, because studies have shown that most men aren’t happy with their size, stamina, or some other aspect of their sexual profile. And, not to make the problem worse, but those same studies have also indicated that most women would like it if guys were better in those areas.

It’s easy for it to inspire amused chuckles, but this subject is no joke. Inability to perform satisfactorily can destroy a man’s self-esteem, his confidence, and, if it gets bad enough, even his relationship. You’re looking for natural male enhancement and you’re reading this Extenze review now because you understand how important this is.

But whether you’re a perfectly virile man who just wants to be even better, or your function isn’t what it should be and you know you need a boost, the issue isn’t going to get any better until you take action. It’s hard to imagine anything to which you are more entitled, based on the authority of nature alone, than a body that can have sex well. It’s time to get up, and claim your birthright.

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