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For some people, it’s easy to scoff at how much guys worry about the size of their penis. After all, it’s just another part of your body, no more or less important than any other, right? And while you might fret over the exact dimensions of your hands, feet, or ears (though you’re just as likely to complain about those being too big as too small – not a typical concern when it comes to the downstairs package), a number you don’t like is probably a mere annoyance. Nothing more.

It’s different with a guy’s penis. Here we’re talking about an appendage that, for better or worse, has long defined and continues to define masculinity. Consequently, the size of that appendage can have an enormous impact on the male ego, both for its own sake and because of its importance to sexual function, by which men also tend to measure themselves personally. There may not be a man alive who hasn’t, at some time or another, taken a ruler to his own penis – often to then compare his findings with statistical averages determined by scientific study. But hopefully, he doesn’t look at those studies too closely, because they also show that most women prefer male endowments just ABOVE the average. Ouch.

If a guy wants to increase his size, there are pharmaceutical options. So-called “boner pills” like Viagra can make you appear bigger by giving you chemically-induced erections that are fuller than might be naturally possible. But you’re lucky if the boost is even as much as half an inch, and you’re taking quite a risk for such modest gains. Viagra has already been implicated in reduced male fertility and even skin cancer, and it’s still a relatively young drug. Who knows what else it’s up to? Besides, you need a prescription to get it legally (and safely), which places a rather awkward doctor’s visit in your future. And of course, the increase is strictly temporary; once the drug wears off, you’re back to square one.

So, surgery? Sure, but there are limits to the increases you can get from that as well. And do we really need to go into the potential risks, not to mention the “ick” factor that applies here? Because I don’t know about you, but I’d rather let that dog lie.


Male Enhancement Exercises That Work

Fortunately, there are other alternatives, and that’s where this Erection Fitness review may help you find the solution you need. Erection Fitness is a workout program in a category of male enhancement exercises designed to increase penis size. The activity is colloquially known as “jelqing”, and it’s a surprisingly well-developed discipline of natural male enhancement. It involves carefully stroking and pulling the (usually semi-erect) penis in a controlled manner intended to stimulate cell division within the penile tissues. That this works is pretty much settled science; it’s simply how the body reacts to these exercises. When the cells in your penis divide and multiply, they add tissue to the surrounding organ, which increases its length (and girth, for that matter).

The Erection Fitness program does that, but takes the process a few steps further. Designed under the supervision of A.J. Alfaro, an expert on male enhancement exercises, it approaches the problem of growing the penis in much the same way as a bodybuilder looks at growing any other part of his body. And the first lesson there is that, contrary to the misconceptions of most men, the penis is not merely a single muscle. It’s actually a collection of muscles, ligaments, veins, and arteries, all of which should be addressed to achieve comprehensive gains. This is where (and why) most penis exercises fall short. They tend to focus with an almost one-dimensional myopia on the Puboccocygeus (PC) Muscle. Growing your PC will give you a sightly bigger penis, sure; just like strengthening your abs will make you look better. But a six-pack (and nothing else) isn’t going to win you Mr. Olympia.

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Erection Fitness goes further, with a program of penis exercises that involve not just the PC, but the Ischio Cavernous (IC) and Bulbo Cavernous (BC) Muscles. It also targets the Suspensory Ligament, which is normally cut during penis enlargement surgery; the exercises keep it quite intact, thank you, but gently stretch it to achieve surgical-level gains in length. The program also strengthens and expands the Corpora Cavernosa, which are the two chambers in the penis that engorge with blood during arousal. By making these bigger and buffer, you increase the amount of blood that can flow in, leading to bigger and longer-lasting erections.


How Long To See Results?

So, how long does all of this take to work? Well, keep in mind it’s an exercise program, and no one hits the gym expecting to see results that day – or even that week. While some men will begin to see the benefits in very little time, you’ll need to commit to following the regimen for about four months (120 days) to experience the full effect. The good news is, unlike most other penis exercises, this program is designed to make your gains permanent. Your workout schedule will be carefully laid out for you during the 120 days that you’ll be hitting this routine the hardest; after that, you’re down to a minimal maintenance regime, which won’t be hard to keep at all.

In any event, you’ll be glad to know that there’s virtually no risk to giving Erection Fitness a try. If you stick with the schedule, you should definitely be getting some results within two months (60 days); if you don’t, you have that long plus a week to ask for a refund. It’s a 67-day money-back guarantee, and using it should be pretty easy. That’s because, since Erection Fitness is just a workout routine (and access to some demonstration videos), there’s nothing to return. That means you don’t have to put up with the bother of sending anything back, and you won’t be paying any shipping & handling charges that surely wouldn’t be covered by the guarantee (they never are). For this product, what you pay is what you get back if you aren’t satisfied.

It sounds simplistic to say that men need to be satisfied with their penis in order to be happy in life, but so be it: Because it’s a simple truth. Male psychology (and, to a large extent, male self-worth) is inextricably tied to sexual prowess and performance. Men need to be able to have good sex, and for that, they need a good penis.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting it. Heck, at least half the reason men want to be good in bed is a genuine desire to please their partner, which is also important to the male ego. So it’s certainly alright to do what it takes to better yourself in this department.

That’s why you’re reading about male enhancement exercises, and it’s why you sought out a review on Erection Fitness. Because whether you’re below the average and know you need to do something about it, or your size is fine and you just want to make it even better, you understand that the next move is yours. Life is too short for it not to include awesome sex, and the important emotional and psychological (not to mention physical) rewards it brings. It’s time to hustle up to the table, and cut yourself a piece of that pie.

Erection Fitness


Erection Fitness


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