BrainPill Review

BrainPill Review

Hands down, your brain is the most important organ in your body. And it doesn’t get nearly so much recognition as it deserves. We’re certainly quick to credit it for facilitating complex mental exercises, like studying for a test, doing math, or processing endless streams of paperwork at our jobs. But while most of us may be aware that it handles minor (but essential) tasks as well, we just don’t spend much time reflecting on the fact that our brain makes our heart beat, our lungs breathe, and our muscles lift us out of bed every morning. Heck, just thinking about all the things your brain does, requires you to use your brain!

All that activity makes the brain a hungry little hunk of gray matter. The organ makes up less than 2% of your total weight, yet it consumes about 20% of your body’s energy – that’s an energy demand of ten times the brain’s share of body mass. And when you’re engaged in a challenging mental task, the energy drain can go as high as 60%; that is, thirty times as much fuel as it takes up space. So it stands to reason that anything that nourishes the brain, either on its own or by increasing access to other nutrients, has the potential to markedly increase mental acuity. And that’s something just about everyone wants to do.

The 2011 film “Limitless” is all about this. Starring Bradley Cooper, it tells the story of an unexceptional, struggling man who gains access to a powerful nootropic drug that allows him to use all of his brain. This leads to an exponential increase in reasoning, creativity, social skills, and raw efficiency, and soon the main character turns himself into a success with “limitless” potential in the corporate world. The direction style is effective in conveying his experience to the viewer: before he discovers the drug (or when he runs out and misses a dose), the camera shows colors as dull and subdued. When he swallows the pill, everything resolves to become sharp, bright, and vibrant, and the brilliant genius within him comes to the fore.

The notion of tapping into unutilized portions of your brain belongs to the realm of science fiction, as we do in fact use all that’s there (seems like it would be kind of wasteful if we didn’t). But there’s nothing fictional about making better use of your existing memory, information processing faculties, ability to learn, and various other cognitive powers, and there are a wide variety of brain enhancement pills on the market that claim to help you do just that. Consequently, there are many brain pill reviews on nootropics out there to read. You’ve found one of those brain pill reviews now, for the imaginatively titled….Brain Pill!


Best Brain Supplement?

What it lacks in creative naming, Brain Pill makes up for in its list of innovative ingredients. There are 13 components listed on the manufacturer’s website, and some of them are pretty impressive. There’s Cognizin, to guard against the deleterious effects of aging as well as hazards in the environment; Synapsa, to empower memory and mental performance; and Huperzia Serrata, to sharpen alertness.

Other ingredients include DHA, L-Tyrosine, and the venerable “oldie but goody” of any smart pill that hopes to be the best brain supplement – Gingko Biloba. It all comes together in a potent blend of nootropics to increase blood flow to and oxygenation of your brain, with the aim of boosting its access to the nutrients it needs to perform better. The result, according to the website, is quicker recall, more effective problem-solving, greater learning capacity, and a great host of other benefits. Basically, if Brain Pill can do this stuff, it’s the real Limitless pill.

And so far as its endorsements count, Brain Pill seems to be doing something right. It’s recommended by none other than Ken Jennings, the legendary champion of the TV game show “Jeopardy!” In 2004, Jennings won 74 straight games on Jeopardy, becoming the program’s longest-running undefeated player (a record he still holds), before finally being unseated on his 75th appearance. In other words, it took a graveyard of 149 challengers (including the former champion he overthrew during his first visit) before lucky number 150 was able to bring this guy down. Now he promotes Brain Pill as the best brain supplement, saying he uses it to stay sharp since turning 40 began slowing his previously lightning-fast recall of facts.

BrainPill - The real Limitless pill?

Of course, Jennings’ testimonial is all well and good, but when seeking the real Limitless pill, it seems wise to get a medical opinion. In this case, that comes from Dr. Dave David, M.D., a cosmetic surgeon and board-certified obstetrician. Dr. David praises Brain Pill for finding and utilizing the “exact right combination” of brain supplements for promoting “laser-sharp concentration” and other nootropic benefits. He verifies that each of Brain Pill’s ingredients is “backed by science” for its brain-boosting power, and lectures on the importance of supporting brain function for overall health.

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Brain Pill uses all-natural ingredients, and for such preparations, the product’s website recommends allowing anywhere from 30 to 90 days to realize full results. You should certainly start to see benefits by 60 days in; if you don’t, you have that long plus a week to return whatever is left for a refund; a 67-day money-back guarantee (minus shipping and handling) if you aren’t satisfied.

A clear, speedy mind is one of those things that some people resign themselves to losing with age. It’s unavoidable, they reason, and ultimately natural, so why bother fighting it? Well, guess what: the flu is natural, too, and people of times past probably thought it an unavoidable fact of life. Nowadays, we pop down to the pharmacy once a year, get a shot, and leave that “natural”, “unavoidable” little virus to pound sand.

The full power of your own brain is your birthright. You should never give up and meekly accept whatever comes when the stakes are so high. If you’re not as young as you used to be, and you’re beginning to notice the consequences upstairs, you can do something about it. And if you’re still young and sharp, and want to make sure you not only stay that way, but push your mind beyond what you once thought were your limits and reach new heights of sharpness and mental clarity, it’s time to grab that as well. By all means, pore over the brain pill reviews, and take the time to find the best brain supplement. But when you’re ready to stop reading and start doing, grab the brain health supplement that’s right for you, and take what is yours: a sharper, stronger, better mind.





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