What's the average dick size?

What is The Average Dick Size?

Death, taxes, and…worrying about average dick size? For many men, at least, few things are so certain as these three constants, and one of them seems decidedly more conspicuous than the others. We can argue at length about the deepest evolutionary reasons men are so disproportionately concerned with the dimensions of their reproductive anatomy, but it seems uncontroversial to declare that they generally are.

It may even be safe to say that there isn’t a man alive who, physically capable of doing so, has not taken a ruler to his own penis and noted the resulting integer. But what, after all, actually IS an average dick size, and what can be done for men who don’t measure up?

At a minimum, the first question should be easy to answer. Historically, however, it has proven a vexing challenge. Specifics of measurement are to blame here, with the earliest recorded research very dubiously relying on self-reporting of one’s own length and girth to establish an average dick size.

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Using such a method for a “scientific” study seems about as wise as asking a 6 year-old how many cookies he has stolen from the jar this week, without counting, and simply trusting that the number is going down, but that’s where we were. Fortunately, we’ve gotten a good deal more rigorous since then.

In the modern day, scientists have deduced the most effective way to go about measuring for the purpose of determining normal penis size. First, begin with a flaccid shaft, as erections are inconsistent and introduce troublesome variables. Pinch the glans between thumb and forefinger, then stretch the penis out as far as it will go without causing pain.

Place the ruler firmly against the pubic bone, drawing back any visible pudginess at the base, and note the measurement all the way to the very tip of the glans. Uncircumsized foreskin is ignored. This method is now used to determine average penis length; for girth, obviously, a measuring tape is preferable. The tape can be wrapped around the middle portion of the shaft or the base, as both will give equally reliable results.


Exact Numbers on Average Dick Size

These techniques allow us to finally answer questions about average dick size. Going from base to tip as described above, the average penis length is 9.16 centimeters, or 3.61 inches. If you must measure during a full erection, which again is not considered ideal, the average is 13.12 centimeters or 5.16 inches. Further, the average penis has a flaccid girth of 9.31 centimeters or 3.66 inches.

Erect, those numbers become 11.66 centimeters and 4.59 inches. Broadly speaking, no connection was found between race and size of the penis, though amusingly, it so happens that the honor of largest average dick size in the world goes to men living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who boast an average of 17.93 centimeters or just over 7 inches.

On the opposite end, Korean men (north and south) struggle with an average of just 9.66 centimeters or 3.8 inches. These are erect numbers, however, so take them with a grain of salt.

In a statistically counter-intuitive finding, it has been determined that a majority of men believe their penis size to be below average. Experts believe porn to be responsible for this, as when a man sees a penis other than his own, it is by far most likely to belong to an adult entertainment performer.

The ubiquity of online porn and its consumption has very likely promoted a kind of dysmorphia concerning penis size in modern men.

But these men, of course, were specifically chosen for their occupations because of their unusually large proportions (average dick length in particular is not well-represented by male porn stars), leading to the confusion.

Whatever the cause, the consequences of this misconception can be severe. Men who are dissatisfied with the size of their own penis often suffer from depression, low self-esteem, and a diminished sense of masculinity.

Often, they worry about pursuing intimate relationships, or even avoid them altogether, for fear of the humiliation they will experience when a woman sees their undersized organ. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the belief in having a small penis can devastate a man’s life, quite irrespective of the fact that, again, that belief is usually false.

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Hopefully, the numbers listed above will help raise some awareness about normal dick size, and reassure (statistically) most of the guys worrying about it that they’re fine. But what about the others? There are certainly plenty of men who really do have small penises, even if it’s not as many as those who merely think they do. Can anything be done for them? Fortunately, the answer is yes!


Methods of Making Your Dick Size Bigger

Most aggressively, there are surgical options available. Obviously, these are to be considered a last resort, both because of the risks involved in any operation and because most men find the very idea profoundly unsettling. Nevertheless, it works.

For instance, every anatomically normal man has at least 2 inches of penis buried within his body, where it anchors the external shaft; it’s a relatively simple matter to mobilize this length by cutting the point of connection, which causes the concealed penile tissue to emerge and potentially bringing the man up to (or beyond) normal dick size. Surgical implants can also be utilized, both for increased length and for girth.

Short of these extreme solutions, however, a technique called “jelqing” has become extremely popular. This is essentially just an exercise, accomplished by rhythmically stretching the penis on a regular basis. The semi-erect (never fully hard) penis is gripped between thumb and forefinger at the base, then “pulled” gently but firmly with a stroking motion that goes out to the glans.

How To Grow Your Penis – The Facts

Through repeating this like a workout routine, with a number of “reps” performed in recurrent “sets” throughout the day, the aim is to stimulate cell division within the penis, resulting in greater overall volume and therefore an increased size.

Jelqing enjoys an enormous online following by men who swear by its effectiveness. Guys from all over the world gather on message boards to share their exercise techniques, regimens, and safety practices (with never jelqing a full erection being one of the more common refrains). While there are obviously some disagreements about best methods, the overall discipline is remarkably consistent.

Of course, any exercise routine carries risk, so it is highly recommended not to attempt jelqing without either extensive research or use of a ready-made “workout” plan. An example of such a program would be Erection Fitness, which enjoys a large customer base and many favorable reviews.

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Alternatively, reaching normal dick size may be as simple as taking a pill. There are a number of natural supplement blends on the market which aim to boost a man’s testosterone production, as well as increase blood flow to the penis.

Upping testosterone occurs over time and requires regular use of the product, while improving circulation is an acute response that can be realized after only a single dose. The formulation of these cocktail pills is pretty standard, and generally includes substances such as L-arginine, zinc, and yohimbe bark, regardless of the particular brand being used.

Admittedly, neither increasing your testosterone nor improving penile blood flow can actually cause your penis to grow. However, both are extremely effective at enhancing erection quality, with many users reporting firmer, fuller hard-ons than they had ever previously experienced.

This effect can boost a man’s average penis length and girth as a simple result of the organ filling with more blood, so the goal is achieved without any additional tissue. Again, many of these pills are available, but Extenze is an immensely popular and successful example.

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